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In order to successfully tutoring children practice, suggested that parents pay attention to the following questions

by:XuQiu     2020-07-20
( 1) Don't do the tyrant, don't let myself in the opposite of children while children learn piano early has a love of learning instruments and curious, but only by this, it is not enough to support children walk the long road to talent. During the long process of the piano, the setbacks and difficulties will be accompanied by a deep and increasing degree of the piano, at that time their initial curiosity will gradually be broken and fade, but difficulties and setbacks will follow along with the whole process of the piano. Imagine if in class the teacher to ask questions, a sulky after class you should constantly reprimanded, nagging, children will soon produce rebellious attitude. Face repeatedly homework to the teacher, tasteless mechanical practice, repeatedly changed forever wrong, don't say naive and lively children, is found it hard to make our own enthusiasm for a long time to maintain. Especially eager some ambitious parents, think of economic, energy and time on the huge investment, often produce hate iron not to produce anxiety, and then into a mandatory tyrant type education of learning. Which will quickly be severe in children new resistance and fear, practice has finally become a kind of mental stress and a heavy psychological burden. The child's rebellious attitude has further encourage parents to treat children with tougher mentality, eventually lead to the child has no interest in the piano, or even fall by the wayside. This is our most don't want to see results, also conflict with the purpose of the parents, children gain the benefits, rather than learning it was in one way or another this damage can be avoided. # # p# page title e# caution to all the little musician parents here, and your child's learning process, will inevitably encounter various difficulties, this is very normal thing. Once children learn encountered problems, parents must avoid rush, more taboo threatened and punished, doing so will only backfire. You need to learn to praise your child, and as long as the child hard, than previous learning progress, should give full affirmation and praise, let the child know that you are a great friend of his, and he is the most strong backing. ( 2) Can't humor first points we talked about the parents don't do the tyrant, so many parents often overdo again, think children mainly to defy hard; Parents and children don't have the heart to his baby suffer a little things, lest children suffer encountered difficulties, therefore, humor to the child, such as how long it will take practice piano to constantly bargaining, such as how much incentive to practice, the practice process of the child take overindulge type management, it, even from one extreme to the other extreme, this kind of education method is difficult to lasting. Ancient Chinese speaking, & other; No rules, no fangyuan & throughout; , so you still want to consider between two extreme practices, to find an effective way. ( 3) Don't hurry, don't arranged instead of more, should actively cultivate children to form good habit of autonomous learning the piano is a tough & other; Systems engineering & throughout; But, must not, requiring children to their abilities, instead of children's study. Many parents in the early learning a few began to replace children read music, help children mark fingering, etc. Hazards in this will produce two: one is to ignore the children basic ability, when playing to reach a higher level, parents because they had no experience of playing, has no substitute of children, and children also because no early learning step by step, unable to complete the vicarious music-culture to autonomy music-culture role conversion. The second is easy to get into the habit of laziness depend on, can't endure hardship, lack of perseverance to overcome the difficulty. Should let the children develop into independent practice ability, heart and brain to practice, from the right to read music habit, to discover problems, analyze problems, to find a solution to the problem, then break through practice. ( 4) Beginner instrument children to read music knowledge, hand shape, movement, fundamentals have not form the correct concept, also cannot understand the importance of good foundation for future learning, a lot of practice is based on imitation and feeling. Parents in front of the class teacher to guide their children as much as possible to grasp the class content, practice alert, demonstration, supervise children grasp of the main technical points, and constantly to the child the effect of the practice to give a positive evaluation, points out the main problems should be improved, praise and affirmation every bit of progress.
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