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Information on Saxophones

by:XuQiu     2020-06-08
A saxophone is a musical instrument which was introduced in the 1840's. It is a combination of the flute and the clarinet. The finger rings of the flute and the mouth piece of a clarinet. Most of the saxophones are made out of brass. They come in various sizes. There are 8 types of saxophones but the most common ones are Soprano, Alto, Baritone and Tenor. There are other types of Saxophones like F Mezzo Soprano, C Soprano, Bass, Conn-o-Sax, C melody and F Baritone. These are rare types of Saxophones and are not used too much. The Soprano one is in the B note, which is one octave higher than the Tenor. The Soprano instrument has a beautiful tune, but it is also one of the most difficult saxophones to learn. The Soprano instrument is used mainly to play Jazz music. The Alto Saxophone is a smaller saxophone. Most people prefer to learn on the Alto because it is small and does not weigh much. The Alto Saxophone is in the E note. The Tenor instrument is bigger in size than the Alto with a slight bend at the neck. It is in the B note. Due to its heavy weight it may cause damage to the neck. The Baritone is the largest saxophone. Due to its large size and weight, it can cause problems to body like body twists, rod damage, etc. The Soprano instrument is the only straight one in the family. It is called a woodwind instrument because it is a single reed instrument. When playing the Soprano, it sounds like a clarinet due to its high octave notes. Today when you hear a saxophone, it is mostly the Tenor Saxophone. If you would like to learn something different, you could learn to play the Saxophone.
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