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Interest class shall comply with the principle of 3 children

by:XuQiu     2020-08-08
Any expert calls: learning is not worth to sacrifice the happiness of childhood. Most of the time, the so-called & other; Computer & throughout; In fact can be said to be the parents' interest, also can saying is the kindergarten's interest, but apparently is not the child's interest. Nowadays, more and more interest class, class, multifarious. Roller skating, handmade, fine arts, football, taekwondo, calligraphy, dance and piano courses. Many mothers would like to send their children to learn skills, table is, can choose what kind of cake? In a few the most appropriate? Attended at ordinary times, double cease day to attend? Mothers was puzzled by the problems, have a headache. Based on past experience, to send their children on the cake, all kinds of problems may occur. So there are three elements, almost all parents should be followed. Principle 1: avoid by all means in order to compare to choose interest classes case: choose interest class complex idea clearly on GSM, this year a school teacher let parents choose interest class. When dad surprised, have interest class a to five every afternoon. As a senior computer engineer, he thought: when I was a little boy, I didn't also participated in so many interest class, as well as reading, work. To be honest, he wants to choose a! The next day, when father sent the son to school, see other children in the class chose 3, 4 class, even 5 door selection & hellip; … More parents said: & other; The teacher let children came into the classroom English class, kids for not blowing outside, too unreasonable! ” Children were not submitted to the class teacher aside, differently. Dad's face clearly: if not selected, will not make a teacher feel losing face? The somebody else all chose, don't choose, my son will be left behind in the future? Is today children's education and themselves that s really different? S, recalled his childhood in the alley, coming home from school every day rolled a hoop, playing sandbags, hide-and-seek, can not help but sigh: now in a child really less freedom and space & hellip; … Repeatedly, when father chose three classes: go, thinking training, and fine arts. In fact, choose interest classes there is no need to compare. If the parents are holding up with the joneses 'mentality, will only a rising tide lifts all boats, suffer in the future is the children themselves. Interest classes, from child interest and personality characteristics, best in class is not let the child rigid to listen, but the professional knowledge and the child can understand the life common sense, fun and practical. In the process of interest class learning, let the children get personality full scale development, improve the learning ability and the ability to pay to. Principle 2: study interest, interest classes are not compulsory case: baby on programmes will always cry small name is junjun mother recalls, two years ago, she held more than a year old still couldn't walk junjun to district gardens, on the way junjun see kids next door holding a red ball, insisted on the ball. Mother helpless, had to take him to the store bought one. Soldier soldier can be like a ball, and the ball was like peas and carrots, even eat, sleep, all want to put the ball on side. Soldier soldier mama said, strangely enough, when the ball, soldier soldier soon learned to walk, not only love to play, all over the home on the wall of his & other; Masterpiece & throughout; , up to now, the ball have had two or three. Last year, I had have three - year - old army JunBao go class, can soldier soldier is not willing to, when go to training, always cry small did. As parents of long-term perspective, might as well let the child according to his inherent personality to develop ourselves. This way, he not only enjoy happiness, also dispense with parents to worry about. More importantly, he was able to make some achievements. Also, don't forget to family and the external environment is the place that children learn. Though some parents didn't give their children to classes, strengthening the training class, but if a child is very like painting, is in the home is decorated painting pan-ku excited children free drawing, a time he brought his son go for an outing, especially to the nature, let him to see, let him according to his be fond of painting. Give children to create a loose growth environment and the condition to develop their own interests, the family should do, professional, computer classes is one of the selection, parents don't forget to family education and the role of the environmental impact. In fact, many parents are to their own face, in order to meet their own vanity, to let the children learn this, that, this is not necessary. Principle 3: children give up programmes will not case studies: children want to give up interest class little lang mother recently is a little bit worried. Four-year-old daughter a few days ago to relatives see little cousin to play the piano, very envy, noisy also want to buy a piano, looking for a teacher. Mom and dad to want their children to learn piano, didn't think of a few days later, the child didn't patience, incredibly say bored don't want to learn, are now mom and dad forced or on time sitting on a piano, but look at her face is very painful, this do? Any expert calls: learning is not worth to sacrifice the happiness of childhood. Most of the time, the so-called & other; Computer & throughout; In fact can be said to be the parents' interest, also can saying is the kindergarten's interest, but apparently is not the child's interest. If forced to 4 or 5 years old children learn something, would have a rebellious attitude, let a child and when children were forced to sit there, feel repressed and discomfort in the heart, is likely to start hu disorderly want to, cause in the future after the primary school class inattention. And before 6 years old children have no qualitative performance is normal, the parents should be mentally prepared. Parents should discover and cultivate children's interest and constantly encourage children held firm, rather than by force method for pushing children.
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