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Introduction of The Saxophone for Beginners

Introduction of The Saxophone for Beginners


The saxophone is a good choice of musical instruments for kids or for beginner. Because there are not only a wide variety of types and sizes available to suit every player but the basic fingering technique can be easy for a beginner to learn allowing them to produce a good sound quite quickly. If you are looking to play the saxophone we have a few tips to help you get started.

Tips for Buying a Saxophone:


The level you are as a player will influence the saxophone you will get. As a beginner you are best to get a saxophone that has been specifically designed for beginners and then upgrade your woodwind instrument as your playing develops.


Price is an important factor for most when choosing an instrument. However, there will be range of options available to you across every price range that suit your needs and budget. It is worth bearing in mind when choosing a beginner saxophone that younger players are likely to upgrade their instrument as they grow and all players will probably want to upgrade their instrument as their playing develops.


When choosing a custom saxophone it is important to get a size/weight to suit the player. Some types of saxophone (especially the baritone saxophone) can be quite large and heavy meaning they are not suitable for young players. For young beginners look for smaller and lighter saxophones that have been adapted for their needs. Having the correct size saxophone will ensure that the player is comfortable whilst playing and develops the correct posture and technique. Want to know more, find out more click here

Tips for Once you Have a Saxophone: 

Practise Makes Perfect 

One of the reasons the saxophone is such a popular musical instrument with beginner musicians is student saxophonists can pick up the fingering technique and produce a good sound quite quickly and progress from there. However, to truly master the saxophone it will take a lot of patience and practise. As the player progresses with the new saxophone they can graduate to the other types of saxophone such as the soprano or the baritone.

If you are struggling to stay focused on your saxophone practise have a read of our 6 Ways to Avoid Procrastinating When You Should be Practising.

Make Use of Everything Available

There are a lot of helpful free guides, videos, blogs, forums, apps etc available out there to help aid learning and practising the saxophone, be sure to make use of them!  

Join the Community

There is a whole community of saxophonists that you can be a part of. Once you start playing look into joining bands, music groups, online forums, and social media discussions. You will pick up some great playing tips and may even make some new friends!

Look After Your Instrument

Your saxophone will sound better if it is properly cared for, be sure to look after it.

Recommended Saxophones

To help you get started with the saxophone take a look at some of the beginner saxophones we have available:

Trevor James Alphasax Eb Alto Saxophone

The Trevor James Alphasax Alto Saxophone offer an ultra lightweight saxophone that is perfect for young beginners. This alto saxophone has been constructed to provide a comfortable experience for children and enables players from as young as 2 to start learning. It is 33% lighter than the average saxophone and has keywork reductions to allow small hands to control it with ease. It comes supplied with a lightweight moulded case with backpack, a padded neck strap, mouthpiece, mouthpiece cap, ligature, and reed. 

Nuvo jSax

The Nuvo jSax offers a miniature plastic saxophone that is ideal for young beginners. The jSax is a fun and easy way to begin learning the saxophone. It uses the same fingering patterns as a normal saxophone with simplified keywork. It is 100% waterproof, extremely lightweight, durable, and is pitched to C meaning players can read from the same sheet music as violins, pianos etc. The jSax comes supplied in a hard case with 2 plastic reeds, a fingering chart, and joint grease. 

JP Instruments JP041 Eb Alto Saxophone

The JP Instruments JP041 Alto Saxophone offers a saxophone outfit perfect for beginners. The JP041 is a fantastic all round performer and an ideal starter instrument for anyone wanting to learn the saxophone. Each saxophone comes supplied with a rigid case with detachable backpack style straps, a neck sling, a mouthpiece and cap, a reed, and a ligature. 

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