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Large or small class children learn piano? on

by:XuQiu     2020-08-13
No matter the child learn today's hottest piano, guzheng, or other instruments, teaching methods are basically the same, nothing more lectures, small classes and small classes ( The small-class teaching) 。 Because the level of regional economic difference, every place of the piano cost also is not the same, here introduce roughly, give little musician parents reference. Collective class lectures, say again. A teacher at the same time, a professor at 10 & ndash; — 20 little musician, each class two hours, 10 minutes' rest between. A fee that pays a semester, on average spend 10 yuan to several dozens yuan each lecture. To teach, has a pair of two teaching, also have a one-to-many, generally not more than five children, adopt the method of small class teaching, class time on 60 minutes to 90 minutes. According to the number of the level of teacher and school fees, generally 50 yuan to 150 yuan. Small class, that is, one to one teaching. A teacher to teach a little musician, each class 1 hour or so, no rest in the middle. Different teacher charge standard is different, generally 60 yuan to hundreds of yuan. Large & ndash; — Popularity and understand the children's palace, the art museum and other places is often open lectures, regard music as a way of universal education. Said is universal education, giving this kind of teaching method is only suitable for popularization of music education. As is known to all, children to learn a musical instrument, in the initial stage, the shape of the hand such as basic control is very important. If a teacher in the face of a dozen children, he is absolutely impossible to type at the same time a dozen children's hands. Tend to be small respectively back to class, the teacher explained respectively existing problems, and then adopt the way of unison consolidation practice, finally the teacher do show all children, decorate new lesson content. Lecture, though there are 120 minutes but equally to each child, may be less than 10 minutes. As the degree of deepening, the piano played a tune down to 5 & ndash; — 6 minutes, the teacher can't adopt the way of individual back to class, generally in the form of collective unison check reserved in the last lesson. So, the problems existing in the practice of children, can't objectively comprehensively, found that is difficult to correct mistakes in time background. Instruments is the art of strong personality, each child's understanding is different, different personality, learning ability is different, the problems existing in the more different, lecture form more suitable for universal music knowledge, let the child preliminary understanding a musical instrument. So, if parents just going to let the child know this instrument, understand some music theory, can play simple tunes, the primary school grade four or five after we are not going to waste time on musical instrument to learn, so, just find a teacher, just find a place, literally up and giving a can. U remind parents: a decided to start & other; Casual & throughout; , it's hard to enter the formal instrument to learn. Small & ndash; — Suitable for primary small-class teaching is a kind of between large and small class teaching way, the more common is a pair of two teaching mode, in the initial stage of learning piano are common. Small-class teaching has its advantages, also has its disadvantages. In the preliminary stage, quite a few age children together, the piano has incentive effect each other. Have a friend to play well in the class, the other a friend's parents would say: you see somebody and you learn together, you see somebody else to play much good. Children have indomitable spirit, because want to go beyond peer consciousness, he will be particularly hard. But the small-class teaching is not without its faults: out of sync, cause not adapt. Ill often unavoidable, if children are sick, in class next month, another child is sick. His condition will be out of sync, the piano teacher is unlikely to delay schedule for a child, can only let the sick child fell the class was over. Class in school, parents can for their children, dropped a piano lesson how to fill? Can only find teach piano teacher spend 10 & ndash; — 15 minutes in a hurry to fill it.

However, with the increased prevalence of musical instruments for kids, it has become far more affordable.
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