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Large or small class children learn piano? Under the

by:XuQiu     2020-08-12
In addition, because the child's acceptance and the difference of learning ability, the progress of the piano can't completely in sync. How many children in the same period of the piano with the growth of the time, the piano will gradually showed an obvious gap. What is teaching progress slowly, or a bit faster? To balance, the teacher can only choose a compromise, the pace of the child is a kind of waste, slow progress of children and can't well consolidated basis. After a long time, to the child's psychological influence. Case: little musician Yang Yang and Yang Yang and bump harp of age two years bump are neighbors, Yang Yang 4 months older than bump, because since the childhood to play big, feeling very good. When Yang Yang almost 5 years old, his mother decided to let him learn the piano, then two mother think company is quite good at the piano will give our two children to a pair of two piano lessons. Each class for 1 hour, professional colleges and universities teacher lectures, tuition is smaller than one-on-one classes cheaper. To begin with two children feel good, each other than with the piano. Time is long, problems are evident. Although Yang Yang only 4 months older than bump, but learning ability, understanding ability, etc have advantage than a bump on learning. The teacher in order to coordinate the two children's progress, the piano had to slow down the Yang Yang, speed bump, both mother quit. Yang Yang mama think their children can have a new lesson, obviously why repeat the lesson piece. Bump mama think progress slowly, basic solid is quite good. Parents heart gradually produced a gap, the most troublesome is the child's psychological also began to produce deviation. Bump no Yang Yang to play well every time, bump mom feel embarrassed, & other; Why Yang Yang can play, you play? You look at somebody else's Yang Yang, you look at you & hellip; … ” Finally one day bump against the mother roar: & other; He plays well, let him as your son! ” Child is unable to use their heads to control their emotions, bump will be related to the piano all negative emotions are all attributed to Yang Yang, even met Yang Yang in the neighbourhood also didn't see it, could have been happy to grow up together two friends become strangers, the child's mother also see each other not pleasing to the eye. The end result is two children to dissolve a pair of two small-class teaching, each small classes. Small class & ndash; — One-on-one, suitable for professional development if your child's future may involve the following possible, so from the beginning to learn piano will need to choose one to one small class for him. 1, the children through art especially immortal, The music professional class) The college entrance examination points to enter oneself for an examination the key university; 2, the child may participate in the arts college entrance examination; 3, children KaoXue instruments involved in the process. In short, if a child is likely to be in the process of the whole school experience add try music major, then from the beginning, please learn help your child find a professional teacher, one-on-one small class teaching. Tip: the piano the mindset of parents is very important. More than just a matter of learning, and children all about, you don't save the competition state of mind. Why you are not somebody else's children? Why the somebody else to take an examination of the first, you are always a dozen pieces? When you see somebody, small performance is worse than you, now you even half the somebody else all miss & hellip; … On the other hand, if the children say to you: mom, why do you look older than my classmate's mother? Why didn't you and dad to make money the somebody else? Why can't you open the audi pick me up? Why can't we go abroad every year summer vacation? To hear that, do the parents will be in the mind uncomfortable, how much more children? Don't put the children in the balance of others, the end of the weight should be the child of yesterday, as long as there is progress than he was yesterday, as long as he surpassed himself, it is victory.

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