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Learn net talk about music instrument teaching goal and the significance

by:XuQiu     2020-08-01
A, enhance the level of appreciation music for each person has a cheerful disposition, promoting the role of self-cultivation. Qian xuesen has a famous saying: & other; Scientists not artisans, scientist should have the knowledge structure of art, because science with aesthetics. ” The development of art education to the person's creative thinking, the brain's right hemisphere ability training is very useful. American Howard & middot; Gardner also proposed the theory of multiple intelligence, the people there are seven kinds of intelligence. They are: 1, analysis of mathematical logic intelligence; 2, intelligent language skills; 3, music intelligence; 4, body movement intelligence; 5, spatial location intelligence; 6, interpersonal intelligence; Seven, know their own intelligence. Here, each kind of intelligent development trend of future society, to adapt to the society is very important. Our general quality education put forward by the department in charge of education include the moral, intellectual, physical, the United States all aspects of the comprehensive development. For students, not only to have comprehensive knowledge of culture, but also has certain artistic accomplishment, to become a fully integrated talents, talents and the development trend of the society as a whole. One of the teaching goal of this course is to guide students to improve the level of appreciation. Second, guiding appreciation skills understand the western orchestra of play symphony music composition and the characteristics of various instruments. Understand each historical period of the musician's creative process and creative style; Understand the typical symphony music works in different historical eras. Usually before appreciate some work, should do some preparation: general situation of the historical and cultural background such as composer activity period. Title music is often linked to religion, literature, etc, familiar with the original content is very necessary. To repeatedly listen to works. Courses to so-called serious music as the main line, including symphonies, concertos, chamber music, opera music, dance music, oratorio genre. Basic involved in all areas of modern western music creation. Through several important period 24 in the history of music is famous in the world of great musicians in detail, make students have a clear knowledge of western music, to have an accurate grasp of the development of music.
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