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Learning A Musical Instrument - What's The Right

by:XuQiu     2020-04-13
Over the years many students have asked me 'how much time should I practice each day'? The question is a good one, but unfortunately there's no one good answer. The only way to answer that question is to understand the student and the particular goals at that time. This article will delve into the various thoughts behind practice time and how you might determine what is best. Many people take a somewhat haphazard approach towards their practice sessions; possibly because they do not have clearcut goals for themselves. First of all, it's a good idea to develop a routine for your practice sessions. The session should be broken up into segments covering various aspects of musicianship. For instance, time should be devoted to scales, etudes, exercises, songs, and free play. You should try to fit all aspects of play onto a practice session, so, if you have four aspects, you can divide your session equally into four parts, say 10 minutes or 15 minutes each. Of course these times can be adjusted according to need. If you have a recital coming up you may spend more time on your songs to perform than etudes in the week prior, and, you may increase the session time up a bit as well. For younger players who are stark beginners, a minimum amount of time would be 20 to 30 minutes, four or five times a week. This would be acceptable if you expect to see moderate progress. Now, add in the element of goals and this could be altered by more or less time depending on the circumstances. If a youngster's life if filled with other activities this would indicate that the instrument was not necessarily the first priority. As such, the average time indicated would be reasonable and realistic. If there were no other activities in the student's life other than schoolwork, then the indicated amount of time could be increased. An adult student should be able to commit more time to a daily practice session. First of all, they normally have a greater level of concentration and discipline. Additionally, the ability to schedule daily activities is more developed. Although an adult might be expected to practice for longer periods of time, the number of times per week may be the same. Again, the role of individual goals figures into the equation. If they desire to progress quickly and perform more advanced music, then it would be necessary to commit to a more rigorous practice schedule. One more factor is considered when determining appropriate practice time, and that is the type of instruction that the individual student is receiving. If a person is taking private lessons, it would be reasonable to commit more time in order to get the most from the financial investment. If they are self taught, then there may be a bit more forgiveness to the expectations. When it comes to the concept o how much practice time is needed to master a musical instrument, you can always remember that 'you can never practice too much; practice makes perfect!'
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