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Learning How to Play Musical Instruments

by:XuQiu     2020-04-11
Many people today are aware of the great benefits learning to play a musical instrument can have on their lives, including emotionally, academically, and mentally. For this reason, many parents and teachers encourage their children or students to practice music and participate in musical functions, regardless whether the child will make music a lifelong pursuit and a career. With that said, some of us tend to defy one of the most crucial steps when learning to play a musical instrument, thereby causing us to stumble in the beginning of our musical pursuit and ending our thirst for music before we even begin. That is, we tend to FORCE ourselves to LEARN the instrument we are playing instead of just PLAYING the instrument we are playing. Academic studies, such as math, science, and literacy, are generally composed of a vast compilations of various facts and common sense. Thus, all that is needed from the student is the interest to learn and the will to listen and to gain knowledge. Hence, even when FORCING oneself to learn, sometimes without having any interest in what's being taught and studied, the ability to obtain knowledge and information is easily achieved. Very different though is the study of music. Music can only be acquired to us when we have the interest and feel for the music, and most importantly, when we are not FORCING ourselves to play the instrument we are trying to play, but rather PLAY with the music. Exploring your new instrument as a pastime while relaxing, as a hobby, or just 'for fun' will result with the most desirable musical learning experience. To use an example, if you would go for drum lessons and at lesson one your music teacher would explain to you on the chalk board the varies beats and tempo, the exact position of where your left foot should be on the bass, or how many inches away from the snare your hand should be, I would suggest you replace your current instructor for another, because a drummer you definitely will not be. A good music teacher will begin your very first lesson by sitting you down on the drum stool, showing you where to position yourself, and then having you just begin drumming! Of course, you will need practice and patience, but the key to learning how to play a musical instrument is not by trying, rather by playing. Yes, your first gig might be in a need of some help, but by constantly playing you will hear and know yourself where you are doing good and where you need to make some changes. Remember, do not TRY to drum, just drum and in no time you will be learning and best of all, really having a lot of fun! Of course, once you have the basics, you will learn varies beats, tempo, musical notes and the like, but that is only AFTER you have acquired the basics. This critical and most important step when approaching a musical instrument applies not only when we adults learn to play music, but this applies for kids playing music too. When your child first begins exploring his instrument, do not pressure him to learn to play, rather let him play and toy with it first. The results will be truly amazing!
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