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Learning the piano, boring? Try these interesting method

by:XuQiu     2020-07-18
No matter what to learn musical instrument, hard to avoid can feel boring, try these interesting method, let you learn the instrument is no longer boring. 01 instrument to be friends with you, become each other's & other; Comrades & throughout; A less appropriate examples, you play an instrument, the relationship between you and it should be like a soldier and his weapons, what kind of weapons, whether for military personnel, it is a life and death together & other; Comrades & throughout; , treating instrument, we should also cultivate the consciousness, it is not only a musical instrument, it or we blame & other; Comrades & throughout; 。 When you feel like with it and your friends stay together, you will feel natural and comfortable, and can feel boring about it. 02 and Musical Instruments together, learn to listen to each other's & other; Sound & throughout; To focus the whole time, let oneself and Musical Instruments, music becomes an organic whole, forming a high degree of tacit understanding, efforts to immerse yourself in the music, feeling music reflects the emotions. Learn to listen to each other's & other; Sound & throughout; And here & other; Sound & throughout; , is not only the sound of a musical instrument, and players their inner & other; Sound & throughout; Share your joys and sorrows, and instrument. By listening to your playing, feel your playing, will you feel (by means of music Voice) Transmitted to the people, and everyone happy your happiness, sad with your sadness and so on. Such you, which also have kung fu and the time to listen & other; Withered not boring & throughout; ? 03 to play music, an infinite imagination when playing music, his understanding of music combined with imagination, make the mind the piece, exert your imagination, for music comes to life, this play process is no longer a mechanically repeating every fingering, every note, powerful and unconstrained style, how to deduce just to see you! 04 distracting when you don't think today to play the piano, don't force yourself, through over and over again to play or to seek status, can try to transfer their attention, such as: you can talk with a friend to chat, talk to the teacher for this song creation background, know about the author's writing purpose, on the one hand, can deepen their understanding of music, can also help to find the harp. 05 to play always keep looking forward to this expectation can be to look forward to playing skills, also can be the understanding of music, also can be a hope for inspiration, surprise, no matter what, keep a curiosity, to look forward to his performance process. Make himself has been in the state of the music. 6 don't advance design, follow and practice the piano in your mind should be a natural thing, don't let yourself into the process. Music is a process of enjoy, a burden or purposely to will make the process very uncomfortable, Player), 。 We strive to improve our playing skills and sense of music, is to can be prepared, no matter when a song needs us to how to play, we can do. Learning and practicing, don't advance to design, to make this process as you feel to development. 07 self-suggestion and encouragement, and enhance self-confidence when bad mood has loomed, can choose to play some music rhythm is faster, bad mood with the rhythm of the music release, and suggest to yourself in the heart, trying to find myself a good state, also can temporarily to play some specialty, to enhance their self-confidence. 08 by way of example, motivate yourself each person, the piano in the mind has a reach goals or role model, can be a person, also can be a tune, more or a chance to put them in an obvious place, when have the urge to hit a harp springing up, to see their idols, look at others is how to play, the fingering, the speed, and you have been waiting for the opportunity to don't work hard, opportunities will slip away! Think of these, or calm down his little restless heart, continue to play!
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