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Little musician myopia incidence rate is high

by:XuQiu     2020-07-25
Boys practicing five hours a day into a high incidence of myopia little musician myopia on Tuesday afternoon, accompanied by a little boy in her mother into the eye hospital in zhejiang province hangzhou campus clinic. Mother said, and son eyes sour and pain for several days, everything look not clear, may be practice the piano. Doctors later arrange the boy to do computer optometry, results startled everyone: 1200 degrees myopia! And then as a result, the specialized eye 200 degrees of true myopia. According to understand, the little boy recently to distinction, almost all want to practice five hours a day. Doctors say the piano piano is double row key tablature, compared to the string tablature is much intensive, look for eyes. Add black and white keys comparative and intense, more easy to visual fatigue. Practice: 28 eyes will be very acid when practicing, the reporter interviewed two people have been practicing the piano, they are now the vision is more than 400 degrees of myopia, the current in a translation company to do translation of miss the say oneself from 4 years old start practicing electronic organ, started to practice the piano at the age of 10, which now is 600 degrees of myopia, & other; I don't know is there a link between this and I grew up to practice, but I do practice to a certain time eyes sour, anyway primary school when I began to myopia. ” And ms zhu is also free practice, myopia more than 400 degrees, she wore glasses, from primary school & other; I remember that time exercise 1 hour a day, sometimes much practice, eyes have been moving between black and white keys and tablature, eyes are very tired really, acid will shed tears. ” Piano teacher: practice time cannot too long currently opened three music stores in nanjing, oneself is also a piano teacher week hero, said her shop received the smallest children to learn piano is only 3 years old, she felt really is too small, & other; I think too early to practice effect is bad, instead they sink not to heart, for the eyes, they practiced so long sore eyes more easily. ” From nanjing xiaozhuang college music college teacher Wan Hui, says although the vision problems due to practice or other musical instrument is unfair, but the child practice time is not too long, otherwise affect eyesight does in eye fatigue. “ Trend carried the piano now, but I think the most suitable age should be 5 - 6 years old began to learn again, they are too small bad his ability to accept, learn slowly, after a long time he sit still, counterproductive, it is not only affect vision so simple. ” So, some famous pianist, if their eyes are myopic, although have not been able to contact to the famous pianist lang lang, but in 2009 he accepted an interview in chongqing, although he has no positive response is myopic, but admitted that he wore contact lenses. Doctor: little musician high myopia incidence from nanjing first hospital chief physician of ophthalmology li-xun Chen told reporters that in their eye doctor there is an old saying, ten little musician is a nine myopia, that means little musician myopia incidence is very high, especially for the piano learners. “ Although there is no exact statistics, but this is we get consensus, so there also have several kinds, the first is the keys of the piano black and white contrast, caused by the visual impact is the biggest, increase eye fatigue, in addition the letters on the piano is very small, look more demanding, intensify eye fatigue. Then there is the problem of practice time, in our eye, we suggest that the practice for half an hour will overlook to rest, but seems to be very few people can do it. ” Li-xun Chen said. He introduced at the same time, 0 6 years of age is the golden period of eye development. Now argues that the age of smaller and smaller, but visual children under 6 years old is still not fully mature, not out of hyperopia astigmatism, such as birth, is the most should protect and restore normal vision. Li-xun Chen reminds, & other; Early to practice, myopia incidence would soon, a lot of people at the age of seven or eight, or elementary school have to wear glasses, in general, will onset before the age of 10. ” Zoom in piano piano spectrum of the original printing are generally small and dense, parents had better tablature with enlarge font copying down for use in children. Adjust the lighting practice piano room dome light to open, then had better have another the desk lamp that shield an eye special illuminate tablature. Control time and practicing the piano time every time should be controlled between half an hour to an hour, 2 - a week Frequency of 3 times is a reasonable practice.
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