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Marching baritone horn XBT002

Marching baritone horn XBT002
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Yellow Brass
Gold Lacquer

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The baritone horn is available with vertical or flat keys. With great flexibility, it is able to play musical scale and cromatic scale. This musical instrument is capable of changing the tone within such a pitch interval that is less than one octave. It can also support the arpeggiando and grace notes. The sound is clear, mellow and graceful.

After the baritone horn is used, the water inside should be instantly removed with the use of the water drainage key. Wipe the surface of the product with soft cloth and then put the musical instrument into the case to prevent possible collision.

The product should be maintained once every month. Use the running water to wash the inner tube and piston. After the water is completely drained, the upper and lower shafts of the keys should be supplied with one or two drops of white oil or sewing machine oil. The piston used by the baritone horn can be applied with the brass valve oil through the pitch pipe. When the oiling work is done, the keys should be activated several times to make the oil in full contact with the piston.

A little pure oil should be given to the movable part of the key rod, key spring part and the screw of the connecting rod. Additionally, the water gate key and the spring should also be supplied with a drop of pure oil. Afterwards, each pitch pipe should be pulled out.

The dirt on the inner and outer tubes of our product should be removed at first. Then, these two pipes will be coated with some Vaseline lubricating oil. Insert the single pipe inwards by rotating it to make the oil reach every part. When both lubricated, the two pipes are plugged inside simultaneously and pulled to and fro several times.

When pulling out the pitch pipe from the baritone horn, the operator should give the force along the direction of the tube. The force should not be deviated. The general pitch pipes, one being thick and the other being thin, one being long and the other being short, will be subject to damage if the force is not even.

The rear piston cover of some imported tenor musical instruments has a water receiving device. The back cover will not be activated in most cases. In this case, the musical instrument will be easily exposed to rust. The cleaning work should be carried out once a month. First, remove the water receiving pipe. Then, open the upper and lower covers and take out the piston key. The inner tube and piston of the baritone horn should be cleaned up with the clean cloth. The key should be painted with brass valve oil, installed at the previous position and pressed several times.

The screws on the back cover should also be given a little Vaseline lubricating oil or pure white oil, or else they will not be taken off due to the rust. Moreover, the mouthpiece, oil as well as other objects should be placed at the given place in the case to prevent them from moving in the case freely. This can also prevent these things from entering in the musical instrument through the bell mouth. If they are blocked inside, the musical instrument will not play well.

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