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Martin's Build Your Own Guitar Kits

by:XuQiu     2020-06-04
In terms of traditional instruments Martin is most definitely one company held in very high esteem. Therefore it's really no wonder many people lift an eyebrow when they first hear Martin offer DIY guitar kits. For a heavily respected brand in the guitar industry it comes as a surprise to many that they would consider letting the general population loose on an instrument that bears their name. Typically The very first thing you hear when discussing with a fellow musician about these guitar packages is 'Are they really any good?' and then 'How much do they cost?' Rumour has it the components that make up a Martin Acoustic guitar kit are seconds that weren't quite up to scratch, but don't expect to see scratches nor put it succinctly these kits are a bit pricey when compared with other packages on the market but they truly are a step up from your typical entry-level guitar kit (You will be looking at just below five hundred dollars for the whole package) and if you succeed in putting together the guitar you will own a wonderful guitar. You will however have to knuckle down and earn the right to own it. You will also have to lay down some money for tools but more on this later. What's already made for you Side Shaping Fret Slotting Neck Joint Machining Thickness Sanding These kits come with all parts included just for you. You really do not need anything more except for the tools you'll use to construct the guitar. The difficult aspects of creating a guitar are carried out for you, tasks such as side forming (Which alone is probably too difficult for the new guitar builder to deal with) and generally require specialist luthier tools to even think about trying. Other parts of the set up are already accomplished for you which includes soundboard polishing, fret slotting, neck joint machining and width sanding. All you really have to do is assemble the guitar. However please don't be misled easily into thinking this could be as simple as it looks. Recommended Browsing The assembly procedure really does come back to your standard of knowledge of handling solid timber. Our suggestion is to purchase a great manual (the instructions by Martin are not actually going to provide you with enough information if this is your first guitar) such as (Building the best Martin-style Acoustic Guitar Kits made by Bill Cory for $34.95) Bill Cory is actually a respected name and the book comes highly recommended. The Verdict Our own overall opinion is this is a top quality bundle but it just isn't for the faint hearted, you simply must make the time if you want a great musical instrument as it is a challenging task. But the manufacturer has done what they can to assist with the process. For one, having the sides pre-formed along with the thickness sanding completed for you by an expert luthier genuinely does help you stay out of danger. If you have the time and abilities with timber then this has the possibility of being a superb musical instrument for you. In the event you don't back yourself or would prefer dipping your toe in the water, to get started. Why not start with something a little less costly like one of the many guitar kits from Grizzly or Saga and work your way up.
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