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Music learning guidance and practical value

by:XuQiu     2020-08-18

2, course the practical value of 1, music is an auditory art in the first place, in the form of sound in the field of aesthetic creation and appreciation is belong to the hearing, therefore, the music is an auditory art, this is the first important feature of it. That is to say, music is audible, epic and & other; Invisible & throughout; Sound flow structure to move people, and make people enjoy a beauty. This characteristic makes it with literature, painting, architecture, sculpture, drama and other & other; Visible throughout the &; The art of forming important distinction. Specifically, in the music sound combination, constitute a unique auditory image, its unique in: with a melody or a powerful sound effects of artistic image, not like painting, literature image directly correspond to the people in the objective world, objects, events, and related concepts. Music brings us is a kind of different from ordinary objects and reality of the concept of auditory image, this & other; Image & throughout; Is a series of strewn at random have send, beautiful sounds, sound effects, it is in accordance with the different from everyday language, special sound symbols system made of pure acoustic structure, rather than Tom, dick and harry, houses, merits and so on the field the life of people, objects, concepts & ndash; — If we talk about this or that kind of people in the music, image or some kind of concept, it is just a species than contact, a symbol of roughly or implied, is not to say these things is the music itself. Moreover, the contact is neither accurate nor strong imagination, just help early access to know a music works and widely. Such as li zhonghuan overture 'the Spring Festival, if you are not previously disclosed to the music with such a title, you will only feel ups and downs of exult with soft music, and is difficult to know exactly what is specific, such as where and how to celebrate the Spring Festival. At this time, the music is often vague and uncertain. Of course, there are some music seems to have a definite meaning, that also is artificially rules or more long-term social identity, the so-called & other; Conventional & throughout; , such as hearing nie er 'volunteer march' is linked to China's national anthem, and hear Wagner's 'wedding march' is the thought of wedding scene, such as sound and music itself is still not the concepts or picture, it is likely to be linked to the concept or picture. It seems that music performance in real life the real live, the accurate meaning of the specific things such as language concept, have great difficulty, hard to compared with other art painting, literature, architecture, etc. At this point, it seemed to be a more abstract art category. However, just as with sound change of auditory art itself, it is whole the truth, although people often say, also can't see the image of it, but from hearing feeling really sounds wonderful, is revealed to inside of the great satisfaction. This is the music of the auditory art individual character characteristic, only to know the characteristics of it, to stand in the perspective of a more accurate understanding of music. Otherwise, if like ornamental painting and reading literature, appreciate the music of words, will only make us far from music more and more. As regard music as the domain of art. 2, music is both abstract and emotional art music the second important features are: the reproducibility and the conceptual. The reproducibility is refers to the sound of music is unable to reproduce the image of reality can be seen directly, rather than the conceptual refers to the audio cannot correspond directly clear concept. Therefore, the music is to some extent independent of the objective reality of abstract art. As well-known German art historian, she said: & other; Music, with its character and charm, in between all the art of incomparable status, become a kind of art alone. ” It in a certain sense easily show stronger artistry, which is the art of superiority. This can be from the following two aspects to understand. , on the one hand, a work of art is very fit to the feelings and the feelings of the change of development also has a certain abstract: subtle vague, flow, and knowledge is not currently visible, not if words, concepts, or the image of specific people, as material often express is not clear, but with music can very well to performance, it is recognized by many common feelings. German poet Heine once said: & other; The language of the end is the beginning of the music. ” Saint - France musician Mulberry is further explained, & other; Music begins with much in common & hellip; … When it comes to passion, to various extent in the most delicate feelings, I always see the power of music art. ” Indeed, the music seems & other; Abstract & throughout; Auditory image: flow, strong or weak in ups and downs, cadence, relaxation change and multiple of noise level, not like a person's emotional state? In this regard, music is the embodiment of the emotions, complex unaccountable emotional state is closer to human beings, are more likely to show flow sublimated realm of spirit or life experience, thus performance in emotional music tend to be more powerful. Like dancing, movies, plays, poetry and art, and other types of art often adopted much & other; The music & throughout; An form to strengthen their love. # # p# page title e#, on the other hand, aesthetic activity is the essence of the art & other; Beauty & throughout; Appreciation and pursuit of the art & other; Beauty & throughout; Is a form of choose and employ persons specially created to sublimate life realm. In this realm, the human life beyond the barriers and free and unlimited extension of space, people also experience to pursue the eternal movement of the inner life meaning. Therefore, the aesthetic activities always demands can be detached from the reality existence utilitarian restrictions, to display the best level, to guide human life to the infinite, eternal ideal sublimation. If a form of art can make us away from the reality of the complex relationship utilitarian environment, it can make us easier to get the sublimation of life experience, grasp the human beings that inward, pure life movement, is more easy to enter a good aesthetic realm. Such as painting, sculpture, architecture, literature, drama, art varieties, based on the objective reality as the material, and therefore tend to be in after people get rid of the realistic significance of the prototype, the kind of pure life to show their inner meaning and aesthetic value. , by contrast, in a relatively abstract pitch materials for the material composition of music form, itself away from the real environment, itself more independent of the objective material world, and thus can easily lead people into the aesthetic state of detachment, make the audience more directly get the pure heart and a strong sense of aesthetic feeling or life sublimate. In a sense, it is more in line with the aesthetic ideal, has a relatively direct aesthetic significance. Beethoven's famous quotes & ndash; — “ Music when the human spirit broke out sparks & throughout; — — From the other side highlights the music abstract and emotional character charm.
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