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Music Playing for Beginners

by:XuQiu     2020-05-06
Many of us adults, and children too, are fascinated when we hear music, or when we watch music being played,whether its a music video, concert, or at an event. Music has the power to captivate us, excite us, and even to make our sometimes not so good days better. We watch in awe and in a bit of jealousy as the drummer or guitarist play the beautiful or exciting melody that has our senses flying. You think to yourself; I wish I would to be able to play like that, not for the fame, but for myself, for the feeling of freedom and relaxation, for the outlet. But too often we get discouraged trying to play music because the tone just does not come out right. We feel like a failure and that we'll never get there anyway, so why even try. This is probably the single greatest misconception when it comes to playing music. More often than not, this setback is not due to our lack of musical capabilities, but rather due to the fact that the instrument we have chosen might just be too much for the beginner. The most important key to remember when starting your path in your musical journey is that there are two types of musical instruments. There are what is called 'step-by-step' instruments and there are 'complex' instruments. That is to say, step by step instruments, also called SBS instruments, are instruments where all that is really needed to be able to play them is the simple ability to play a beat. Almost anybody can play a beat with their hands on a table, or follow along hand clapping at a concert. A typical SBS instrument would be a bongo or the drums. All that is needed is a basic ear for music (which most people have) and some practice. As you drum, your' musical ear' will know when you played on beat and when you veer off a bit, but the instrument itself is pretty basic. The same can be said with a Keyboard, Piano, or Acoustic Guitar. Complex instruments are for example an electric guitar or violin. Even someone with a great 'ear' for music will have some level of difficulty with these instruments because besides learning how to play these instruments, they also require a deeper knowledge in the instrument itself which can be difficult and disparaging for the beginner. This is not to say that you should give up your dream of playing the violin, with a good attitude and a bit of hard work you'll be able to play any instrument you wish, but for those of us who would like a more easier route, or for any child, starting your musical ambitions with a SBS instrument will get you to your goals sooner. If you would like more information about SBS instruments, may I suggest to you , a website that is devoted to helping people reach their Musical goals.
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