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Music study guides

by:XuQiu     2020-08-19
The practical significance of the course, but not without music, a perfect personality, a gorgeous life should include full music accomplishment and the pursuit of, this is from the early civilization people consensus so far. Let us push music temple gate, in the charming sound in the world, to appreciate, taste continuously, until found itself in a state of mind that pleasantness, exciting and pure detachment to Confucius smell shao and & other; In march I do not know meat & throughout; To the state, in the full of beautiful things in the art world, get the purification of beauty and sublimation, to make our life also becomes more exciting for music. Touching music can & other; Leaves 3, heard & throughout; Meanwhile, make people intoxicated by return. However, what is music? This question is very important for people who want to truly understand the music, and we should know first. The pre-qin period in ancient China music theory book in 'yue ji', once such records: & other; In content and move feeling, so the form of sound, the sound, so - and become a party, 'the voice, than the sound and music, and dry QiYu Mao, of joy. ” We can learn from this passage, the sound, the sound, music or the concept of three different levels: & other; Sound & throughout; Refers to all kinds of burst of normal voice, the ancient Chinese have a & other Lai & throughout; Word, meaning close to & other; Sound & throughout; , such as music, lai, lai; “ Sound & rsquo; , refers to certain sounds in change mutual echo, and in accordance with the law and order in the combined sound structure; “ Music & throughout; Is outside the stereo structure combined with comprehensive form of dance. Despite the music and dance, and even poetry in a more primitive mixed state, but the & other; Sound & throughout; But it can be understood as some kind of orderly, organized sound, or by a combination of voice tune and other changes in the form of audio, this is very similar to us now call & other; Music & throughout; The artistic characteristics. In the west, music & other; Music” The word comes from Latin, and the ancient Greek mythology goddess in charge of the literature and art, science, the name of the MUSES. Its original meaning is not nearly so clear like the ancient Chinese literature, but in the ancient Greek mythology, the Muse is serve the sun god Apollo, with her name and image to represent the music, as if with a symbolic meaning, suggest that music image of the art high purity, can make the person find the scenery pleasing to both the and realm. Western society's emphasis on music and, therefore, also be already, has a long history of ancient times. “ Music & throughout; What mean? It is with acoustic ( By the vibrating body & rarr; Air medium & rarr; The eardrum) And, in time to show, through the human hearing and cause all sorts of emotional experience and aesthetic consciousness of the arts. In short, the music is a kind of symbol to express people's feelings with the voice of artistic and aesthetic pursuit of art. The voice of the so-called artistic symbol, it is to point to in accordance with certain rules, order, by the people according to the inner demand specially created unique sound effects, as recorded in ancient Chinese literature, it is different from ordinary life of all kinds of sound, only specially created, can satisfy the human ideal and pursuit of better sound and can agitate the sound of the human psyche, just belong to us called & other; Music & throughout; This kind of art form.

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