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Music Tattoo

by:XuQiu     2020-04-24
A music tattoo is the best way to express your love for music. The designs could be of any musical instrument or musicians or a simple note or anything else related to music in general. All over the world melody has occupied a special place in any culture and there are various forms that are usually associated with these cultures. These tattoos are not just preferred by musicians but other people too who want to show their love for this art form in their own unique style. There are various genres of music and these include classical, rock and hip hop and you can get the design of your choice. Musicians all over the world have sported tattoos as a form of their creative expression. Fans of these musicians or bands would like to have the same design inked on their body. It is the best way to show their love and loyalty towards a particular group of musicians. Musical note tattoos are one of the most preferred designs as they look very stylish. Treble and bass clefs notes are very popular and can be placed anywhere on the body. You can also choose to combine treble and clefs together to create a unique design and these can be placed on the hips, neck and back. There are a set of five lines where the musical notes are placed and this is known as staff. These lines represent the pitch and when these are inked on the body they are known as sheet music tattoo designs. The lines and musical notes can also be combined to create an artistic representation of music. There are hundreds of music tattoos that are available. Musical instruments are a preferred choice and these include drums, guitar, piano and violin. These designs are usually inked in black and white. Some cute designs include a fairy playing a harp or guitar and a cherub playing a piano. You can also select the instrument that has been played in your favorite song. Some people prefer inking the design of their favorite singer. These portraits of singers can also be combined with the musical instrument that they use. The other favorite choice includes lyrics of songs. The lyrics can be of the entire song or part of it, depending on where you want to place it. These can be combined with a flower at the start and end of the lyrics or a heart design or any other thing that will enhance their beauty. The lyrics can reflect a person's individual personality in an apt way. Various colors can also be used to make them appealing. These designs are one of the best ways to express your love for music. You can also choose to ink the image of your favorite rock band. This can include all the members of the band or their logo. Music tattoo designs should also be chosen after a lot of thought as they are permanent works of art on your body.
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