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Music theory + skills basic skills = the important basis of children's good instrument

by:XuQiu     2020-08-02
Why do some children learn to quickly learn the piano well, others learn slowly learn bad? If out of individual talent, intelligent and special way unique factors, the most important reason is the difference between music theory and basic skills. Learn faster, in other words, a good person, must attach importance to music knowledge learning and solid basic skills training; On the contrary, those who learn slowly learned, must lack of music theory, and ignore the basic skills or weak basic skills. There are quite a few children, don't want to learn etudes, only willing to go to play his blindly ( She) Their favorite songs, it goes on like this really good piano? No, absolutely not! Haven't learned to jump bow, just pull paganini infinite hole, or haven't play 'byatt', go to play 'to Alice', isn't this a big joke? In addition, those who follow after the teacher's ass, teacher could barely poem, the teacher did not teach what also not, such a child, in the end will not read music, don't understand music theory, generally do not have good development prospects. So, no matter what musical instrument, no matter what way to learn piano, children or parents have to attach importance to music theory learning, have to attach importance to the basic skills training, otherwise, even if sometimes could play a two ordinary people seems to be fine tune, but actually still loopholes, and destined to harmful legacy in the future. Study music theory and basic skills training, including not only skilled to remember what you want to play music, and can properly read other strange melody; Learning related instruments step by step tutorials, etude, music, etc. , comprehensive solid mastery of the basic position and play what learn Musical Instruments; Basic emotional, expressive ability in playing. The relevant quality, all children should be from the start, the piano from the effort, to the elementary school higher grades, should fully meet these requirements.
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