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Not have the interest to learn the piano, but to learn will be interested in!

by:XuQiu     2020-07-18
Often, it is said, to learn the piano learning is now don't have any interest in the piano, he is really interested in the violin, is drawing, tae kwon do, and so on. As we often see these lessons students not happy. Because they ( Think of) You're doing things that they do not enjoy doing. However, the true is they think? 99% of the time is not. First of all, these students are not not interested in learning things, but failed to learn is to learn something well. No one likes to do bad things. Everyone will not consciously try to avoid their shortcomings: singing out of tune people usually don't like go to KTV with friends; CARDS sent by a friend that to fill a vacancy is often very reluctant; A person who is not good with people at the meeting will be sat in the corner. Is, of course, some people don't even know it: to sing out of tune is incredibly can cry, and no bad CARDS are always card-party organizing brand products, people don't like pushy. But anyway, be sure to ask yourself this question: I don't like is it possible to do it just because of this I did not do a good job? If only because they didn't do and don't like, be about to tell another thing: what do the things for yourself whether you concrete meaning? If there is, it will strive to do, until do & ndash; — There is no other choice. In turn, make your own good, but just don't like, purely because it there is nothing specific about their meaning & ndash; — In fact this situation is rare & ndash; — It directly in one thing to do. In fact, who have the ability to force you to do something you really don't like to do? If really be compelled to do, to do what you can do a good job, can have much hate? Now to say another. People always say that they are really interested in something else. But in fact, it should simply because they haven't started to do it, so no setbacks on that thing. Because had not encountered a setback, there has been no proof that thing they do is bad, so, the thing and they really have a lot of appeal. In fact, many students give up their original really do, and then to do something new, so-called real interest, they will eventually find that it wants to do the same difficulties, setbacks. Not how long, these people will lose interest because of his bad to do, and then fantasy do other things, and & other; To rationalize & throughout; ( 合理化) After says: I am not really interested in this so, I think interest is not very important. Just one thing you can do a good job, and do it better than anyone, or at least better than most people, you can't have no interest in it. Sometimes see some parents education child's way, is in order to cultivate their interest in, I'll catch the closed eyes & ndash; — So don't want to see the child victims; However, close your eyes can see more clearly, because it's too easy to imagine that take years to finally appears, and for many years are long gone and forgotten reason of the result. Cultivate the interest of the piano, not buy a piano, a teacher, it is ok to sign up for a course. In fact, according to the situation of the children, think out how to make children learn and do it well, can achieve long-term progress & ndash; — Then interest naturally emerged.
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