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Parents don't know what to do with music

by:XuQiu     2020-08-04
Parents when deciding how to counseling children to learn piano, often worry about don't understand music, don't understand the musical instrument to do, even asked the teacher: I didn't even know how to read music, can help children to learn piano? This you need not worry completely. Admittedly, parents understand music, love music, and knew something children learn Musical Instruments, will create a good external environment for children to learn piano, is beneficial to children little detours, increase the interest, but this is not a requirement. Parents understanding usually children is much higher than novice, completely can accompany the children to learn piano at the same time, the parent-child relationship between education and child and his interest in music, improve their music professional knowledge, in every possible way to communicate with children, communicate with the teacher. And, of course, the parents and the child's learning purpose is different, different requirements, the method is also different. Parents learn first is to establish a common language and children, children and facilitate mutual communication and understanding, the second is to better counseling children to learn piano, explain the contents of the help children to understand the teacher class, find out new knowledge point and the difficulty in the teacher assigned homework, urge and supervise children in the correct way to practice, for children to practice the problems in the process of preliminary opinion is given. Some think very responsible parents insist on synchronous practicing with the child, it is not necessary. Is not the same as the teacher, parents in the child's path is more like the piano teacher's assistant, assist the tutoring no independent learning ability of children, and the new knowledge and the technical difficulties should be taught by the teacher in class system. As long as can help your child accounts correct practice methods, made a successful little musician parents should do. So for some of the autonomous learning ability of children, parents should let children themselves to study, understand the main points of the study. Remember, independent walking children will go more steady, further.
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