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Parents for children to learn the art of the big four

by:XuQiu     2020-08-03
Holidays, holding the sheet music, with a harp children and parents to learn music everywhere. In fact most of the parents is music a layman, but are convinced that a lot of good for children to learn music. At the very least, children learn dance basically temperament conspicuous, and can sing children would jump more optimistic personality. Myth: no voice at all can't change a child's & other; No voice at all & throughout; Mainly embodied in singing intonation, go the sound out of tune; Singing like to talk, said song, no high and low, BuRuDiao; Singing at high and low, are not allowed to be composed of the each sound of melody; Children mandarin articulation of pronunciation and intonation affects a singing. For & other; No voice at all & throughout; Children, can be trained through the following method to correct: cultivate their ability of listening. Intonation has a lot to do and listening ability, listening ability is poor, playing and singing completely are two keys. Adults can play music or songs let children listen to a tape recorder after singing along, conditional children can learn a musical instrument, let the child play, while listening, singing, listening to play sound like singing sound is accurate. Parents don't let the child sings songs. Kelsi will make it easier for the child tune, out of tune, to let children follow music singing, or follow the tape recorder tape, began quietly with singing, practice. Very young children can not determine whether the sound is not complete, only the children in kindergarten, such as in the usual learning and observation to discover the child singing is really out of tune. There are some children, born is not sensitive to intonation, is not sensitive to the rhythm, but still can be changed through training. Parents can choose a few songs for children, at ordinary times to find some music melody is not wide, for example, make the child singing in the natural vocal register, let the children listen to more music also is very helpful. Erroneous zone 2: learn dance must practice hard side mother often complain, & other; Children learn dancing very hard, every time send her to learn, see the teacher let children leg press, children pain let I can't bear to look! ” Advise parents to let nature take its course. If a child has a talent for it, and is interested in dancing, then you can let the child to accept professional training, if so, the child must be want to eat some bitterness practice the basic skills. But most ordinary child later will not be engaged in professional dance, if force children to practice can make the child produces hate and even fear to dance instead of psychology. ” Children's dance is no too much skill, and the main is to cultivate children's interest, lets the child learn to dance, to express themselves. Children after some basic training, of course, there will be a standard of sitting, standing, will show some beautiful dance moves. Of course, also can have some flexibility exercises, are necessary, but not too much. Reasonable moderate flexibility exercises, and will not have influence on the development of the body, on the contrary will encourage children's physical development. Myth 3: finger is not long is not suitable for side often the piano voice, & other; So-and-so fingers thin, long, very suitable for playing the piano & throughout; 、“ Such and such long pianist hands, long thin & throughout; 。 And even many parents also will use the standard to judge whether a child is suitable for the piano. Finger length is a congenital advantage, but is not to say that the longer the better. Because children are growth, hands will slowly grow up. Kids will learn piano, want to see the children's comprehensive quality. As long as it's not particularly short finger, can learn. Actually for playing the piano, the most important condition that dexterity, powerful, with flexibility and control ability, rather than the appearance of size, thickness and length. General kindergarten children can learn the piano. Parents originally decided to let children learn piano, are more want their children to the experience of beauty. But over time, many parents will forget their original intention, but think the child may need to attend some of the game. A child's growth process, and contains too many important factors. After all, not all the children can be a lang lang, li yundi, if parents can't give the right guidance, the damage to the child will be irreparable. Myth 4: learn ballet, will walk outside the purpose of the eight most parents let their children learn ballet was tall and straight, good manners are for children. Children learn ballet, bone, about her body is good. Through practice curriculum, to correct bad posture and bodies, such as O leg, horoscope, humpback, and so on, in short, whether standing or sitting position, can make the child stay tall and elegant. Ballet is a system of training from head to foot, head and neck, spine, back, waist, hip, legs, knees, feet can be involved in, the whole body balanced movement is especially good for children's bone. But some parents reflect, children learn ballet after a period of time, walk outside seems a bit of eight. To this, xu director explanation, children looked a little & other; if Splayfoot & throughout; , parents can timely reminder, because the child may be accustomed to walk step stage. As long as the children consciously attention, wouldn't show & other; Splayfoot & throughout; . As long as be fostered children to develop good habits of walk. sitting position, is not cause outside of eight, it will make the child appears more stand stir have temperament.
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