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Parents not to play the piano how tutoring children

by:XuQiu     2020-08-03
Children in the process of learning guzheng, the close cooperation of parents and teachers play an important role, especially for young children and children's early learning. Because most guzheng lesson once a week, the teacher taught something new will be homework, need students slowly learn and master in a week, it will guarding a long period of time. Now many parents of children is originally don't understand the piano music, but there's always hear the teacher in class, if parents are listening in class for record also gradually to jean also adept. Parents should work? Should urge and help children learn and consolidate knowledge, and finish assigned by the teacher practice. Must not arranged instead of children mental exertion, beginner to recognize spectral phase, for example, children learn a new song to recognize a spectrum of slow or mistake, tell the children with JiBian a parent is what sound, so children themselves will not move the brain, the old waiting for mom and dad told him that spectrum is more slowly. Parents should be patient to guide children to find the sound, it is best to do some recognition spectrum practice every day, make the child as soon as possible familiar with zheng spectrum. Beginner to cultivate good habits of play is also very important, parents must seriously strict requirements. For example: play the position in the first class will be taught, but to become a habit to strict requirements in daily practice. Some people don't pay attention to, as a result, the shape of the hand ugly or hinder technological development. The rules of the practice time and distribution more depends on the parents. The practice time is not as long as possible. The child's intellectual level, clever to learn faster, some children have some trouble, to practice according to the arrangement of the child's understanding of time. Should not only cultivate children learn spirit of perseverance and hard work, can't make tactical fatigue. Children brain can really focus on time is very short, emphasize practice efficiency, seriously practicing a quarter or half an hour to let the child rest breaks, and then continue to practice. Beginner to the child's parents to take best & other; Eat small meals throughout the &; To a few sessions, 20 minutes to half an hour at a time. Sit slightly larger lived or consciousness stronger children practice time can be longer. Some parents let children breath practice for hours, this effect is not good, not only the mind numb and easy to let the children lose interest in music. To develop regular exercise habits every day, don't be too long, an hour or two completely enough. Children's early learning parents should accompany practice, often remind children. Once you identify spectrum pass will gradually let the children learn to exercise itself, the parents only supervise role. Children practice is the process of training thinking, exercise perseverance, cultivate steadfast attitude to learning process, the process for parents is a difficult test. — — Item was
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