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Parents should know the piano five big fear!

by:XuQiu     2020-08-02
1、“ Don't know if the child can adhere to? The short-term try first! ” A: this sentence as long as heard by a child, he/she will always remember, fragment and encounter difficulties, will think of giving up. Kids think anyway when my mom let me try. 2、“ Give children buy the cheapest harmonica first, learn the bought point again. ” A; Music is not a toy! Cheap and you are not important. Quality, intonation, feel, sound is fatal. Very cheap, tone, intonation, will be bad, in the process of practice, the influence on the discrimination ability of the child's ear and aesthetic ability, also may give up because of the sound bad. Even level increased again in one, not directly with a qualified piano can accompany the life, avoid waste money. 3、“ Children do not learn music, he doesn't like. ” A: from the primary school of music children and will not blame parents when they grow up. On the contrary, is another kind of results. Music education and edification, is a kind of cultural accumulation and accumulation. You can say: & other; Children don't like reading, don't let him to learn. ” Will you? 4、“ Children are too busy, no time to practice. ” A: your child is not adult, original sate. Parents are not thought children find excuses, such will cultivate children to create more excuses. Give up is the natural thing. On the contrary, we should cultivate children's ability to arrange your time, I believe that to play the piano good children, from won't keep their own homework, piano, in the rich cultural knowledge, supplement each other. Often the excuse to parents and students, didn't do anything. 5、“ This week occupy, leave; Ask for leave today, took the child to XXX; How do children didn't practice this week, leave; Ask for leave. Ask for leave! ” A: just one lesson a week, removing the final, the mid-term, vacation, sick, children can't afford to delay the time. Learn a musical instrument, is progressive, persistent and exercises in class. To develop good habits of study and practice, at the same time, this is exercise child's tenacity and perseverance. If your child in the future life, work, not perseverance, will achieve nothing. A qualified teacher, everything all want to learn are awarded to the child. This time, hard to avoid reprimand, YanChong, punishment. Of course, refused to beat and scold. Parents give enough & other; Love & throughout; Remember, not & other; Spoil & throughout; 。 The teacher is not only the teacher, choose a good teacher, the rest is & other; Insist on & throughout; .
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