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Play a song long time you forget, the white played?

by:XuQiu     2020-08-15
Many parents and children have trouble, a piano practice is not easy, simple, at least also need a week time to master, hard to practice a month or two tracks are the norm. Good hard, don't practice a week will not play, practice, it is white? Why to forget? Tracks to play skillfully basic needs two things: one is the finger tips of skilled, fingers memory. Second, is proficient in the music, has formed the score of the memory. These are all through repeated practice. Once the interruption of practice, fingers and music memory will gradually weaken. To play, all of the content can't coordinate, want to need some time to get it. About the finger gestures, for example, just like we do calisthenics in childhood. At that time, every day to practice, a practice a few years, basically be conditioned reflex action. But now, can instantly broadcast exercises the childhood as normal speed, complete down to how many people? Also, when I was a child of the text, now everyone can all back down? Forget the equals white learned? Of course not! Because we are in the process of learning, especially the foundation stage, a lot of stuff is in order to study the content inside the, such as practicing a finger skills, practice how to play a new rhythm, or this type of track how to play it. Learned the content, our knowledge is in a little bit of overlay, performing level will gradually increase. The phenomenon of the play songs will forget, it is normal for most little musician. Can be learned knowledge can not be forgotten, such as we learn this lesson piece of a new rhythm, then the same rhythm, you should know how to play. As we honor, although not all remember the text as a child, but the words will not forget that the meaning of the word won't forget. If these all forget, that really is white. Don't always like the monkey to break off the corn, snapping a lost one? Certainly not! How to keep the track, is also a learning content, also need to accumulate over a long period of the process. 1. Practice to learn the new job at the same time, choose a tune of last week, review two or three times a day. Because is just practice haven't discarded repertoire, so review two or three times a day, you can keep track of proficiency. 2. As the time grows, the piano repertoire also becomes more and more big. Don't have time to do it every day to review, but can choose their favorite songs, or have difficulty, do regular review every once in a while. 3. As play comprehensive ability enhancement, the review process will be gradually reduced. Some children learn piano time longer parents will have the feeling, for example, when children reach around five level, to review the two level 3 pieces is a simple thing, to review 4 or equivalent category five songs will be more difficult. Each kid, learning time for new songs or review time of the old songs, including ShiZou for never play the track of time, the length depends on comprehensive ability mastered much play. These comprehensive ability, is refers to the ability to read music, music theory, finger skill ability, music understanding ability. Without the ability to truly master, it will appear a situation, some students, employs can take down to tenth level or a higher degree of repertoire, but left the teacher, your can't even play 3 5 degree track. Similarly, left the teacher before the practice to track is also difficult to your review. Tips on the one hand, remember that each class to learn the knowledge of each class of learned knowledge, do not think that they are both inflexible only appeared in the track, after must be from now on will be repeated in other tracks. When again and again again even if not, it will reflect on the, on the other hand, the right amount of review is definitely would help. But to remind parents, it is not necessary to let the child to review all tracks, according to the actual situation of the children also didn't so much time. Daily exercise, or is given priority to with new pieces of practice, the old track review is complementary, collocation is a good time.
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