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Play the wrong tone, to be the problem?

by:XuQiu     2020-08-14
1 are not good at listening with ears & ndash; — The student's fault, he himself couldn't hear anything. Solution: learn to listening with ears their own play, until can understand what you're doing, what play. Can consider to contact with the piano teacher, more in a short period of time, just wrong sounds more trouble, give corresponding corrective. 2 don't understand segmented practice, practice is mechanical & ndash; — Practice tune is & quot; Again and again go & quot; 。 This kind of practice method, is not scientific, and wasted a lot of valuable time. Solution: always in the wrong section, take out separate practice, so as to effectively in a short time to complete the task. 3 too high & ndash; — Practice the repertoire of the difficulty is too big, is out of step with self level. Uncontrolled burden overweight technology led to a finger. Solution: to timely communicate with the teacher, is the difficulty of the track is too big, lead to can't control. 4 spell speed & ndash; — The students, no matter what the music, as long as a little a skilled, is being fast. Play anything. Solution: always remind yourself, don't play fast, is a good play. Speed is close to the original speed, or the original speed play is good, but before that, every note the first thing to do is able to play out, the keys to pressing, make the sound & other; Thick & throughout; 、“ Strong & throughout; 。 Learn to cross practice, three times slow, fast again. In a slow and complete in fast and clear. 5 work too big & ndash; — Desperately requires the teacher give oneself increment, speed up the process of assignment, so practice time also must increase. Otherwise the most prone to the condition of the is: a tune just touched down, ran to go to another, practice, and the workbook really are not well suited to learn the piano. The end result is, often is not a tune to complete performance, each piece is & other; Half troupe, & throughout; , piano tuition is quite expensive, but not because of you, always want to let myself & quot; Practice more & quot; 。 Compared to the quality and quantity, more important is quality, quantity proves nothing. Solution: to have to reflect on the teaching material progress fast,, is not the same as good. 6 foundation weak, the music-culture obstacles & ndash; — Also has the teacher teaching has a problem. Studied for several years, did not even recognize all assumed, is to rely on memory to remember. So get score started to play, meet once remember or don't know the spectrum stuck it is easy to appear the wrong tone. Solution: it is recommended that the foundation of a good strong, completely solve the problem of reading music.
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