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Practice does not pay attention to these problems, practice for 24 hours a day is in vain

by:XuQiu     2020-07-31
It is well known that practice need to spend a lot of time, but why do some people practice seven or eight hours a day but not even 24 hours? It is likely to be the method of practice out of the question. In fact, if you grasp the scientific practice method, can use little time every day, to achieve the result that expect is less than. According to experience, in the course of a day to practice, can be mainly divided into basic skills and practice two aspects. Because the time is short, the piano basic beginners may also involve less than some of the more complex music and skill. So the key point of practice is to pay attention to the basic skills and skills on the basis of the shape of the hand. Whether you are junior students or piano professional, practice hanung is important. Some people think the farmers and we don't have direct correlation play tunes, and dull. But in fact, hanung is closely related to and we play music, is even more important than music. Hanung like fingers running exercise, running for a long time, speed and strong command of language. Therefore, beginners should guarantee the efficiency of the practice time of every day and practice, this is the guarantee of the piano follow-up study. Music practice beginner piano, due to the short tune, children practice is very easy to play well, then there's nothing to practice myself in. Often ignored the most important: 1, 2, 3 rhythm, intonation, so the shape of the hand advise beginners to practice, how slow not to fast. Pay attention to the intonation, rhythm, and the shape of the hand skills. Beginners if feel etudes have difficulty, also can play some simple some fingers practice, but should pay attention to, each finger to treat on average, both to the average. In addition, in order to train the students' music fluency, short tune if have a place to play, wrong to main error prone, don't have to play the whole song. For intermediate and advanced lessons, main is to improve on skills and music understanding. So, practice is more should pay attention to efficiency, or inefficient to play the piano is almost equivalent to not to play the piano. 1 hand type question this is the most concern for beginners, in fact, when you reach a certain degree after don't dwell on the shape of the hand, but also impossible to have fixed the shape of the hand and the shape of the hand is as the figure in the change. And for different learners each finger condition is different, it is impossible to have unified the shape of the hand. Anyhow relaxed and natural, to support the arm of the shape of the hand is good. For beginners to provide some specific criteria: 1, with your fingertips play, fingers to hold the arm weight; 2 on the premise of playing with the tips of your fingers, palm, natural stretch as far as possible; 3, wrist, arm strength to flow is passed on to the fingertips, low wrist to block the transfer, the fingers have no weight to support, the wrist is too high will affect the activity of finger ability; 4, the position of the hands on the keyboard, is positive, also is the direction of growth of fingers and the keys should be parallel to the direction of the finger touch the surface and the keys vertical or near vertical. Will change in the process of playing, of course, but at least down time should keep this shape. 5, the elbow slightly outward swinging, don't clamp body, it can be seen from the back of hand. Elbow too clip or out, the hand on the back will be crooked. 6, sit, sit half Yu Qin stool, about two feet on pianos pedal, feet also part to support the body weight. 2 five section error correction method if the tune is always playing the wrong somewhere, so there must be something wrong, don't don't interrupt in the song from beginning to end the practice. If, in the piece has a section is always wrong, the first step: the first section separate out and practice. ( A section) ; Step 2: plug in the preceding section and this section again mastery ( The second section) ; The third step: after the second step in practice (section Three section) ; Step 4: in the third step to extend backward and forward two section ( Four, five section) 。 3 special exercise for skills if encountered technical difficulties cannot be breached, octave and so on, for example, only to find, hanung after hanung found in half of the special practice you corresponding skills that a practiced on a few weeks. Than you in tune to practice these difficulties are much more useful. If encountered technical difficulties cannot be breached, octave and so on, for example, you can simply pick out hanung, half of the special practice after hanung find the one you corresponding skills, and adhere to the practice in a few weeks. Than you in tune to practice these difficulties are much more useful. 4 emotion, breakthrough if there is the emotional expression, expressive force of the problem, this is better than two problems are more complicated. Also need oneself to experience, when necessary, can communicate with the teacher more.
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