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Practice good little finger knead string special methods

by:XuQiu     2020-07-31
For stringed instrument, compare other fingers, little finger knead string difficulty is greater. This is because the little finger belongs to & other; Weak means & throughout; , short, weak and poor flexibility. Refers to play the piano, so 4 and 5 which are & other; Weak means & throughout; , also must be more special training. Can knead string string should be the least, with 1, 2, 3, refer to knead string, total feel more relaxed, amplitude, frequency, larger rubbing up quickly. While the little finger always feel difficult to knead, knead motionless, even sometimes rub it up and also run the sound. The specific reason, it is the three finger joints of the first and the third joint ( Palm joints) Are naturally more flexible, but also good toughness, especially 1, 2, referring to a better. Know the truth, we must consciously to little finger more training alone, to make up for its deficiency. Specific methods can do so: 1. To take off the piano practice carried high, this method can be reference to my previous written the violin left hand flexibility training, but attention should be paid to practice much little finger again and again. 2. Knead the little finger on the piano strings, can be 3 to close to the little finger, thus helps the magnitude of the little finger down swing and amplitude, and are more likely to get more at the same time corresponding reverse thrust, which increased the little finger knead string on whole range, and strengthen the stability of the little finger knead string intonation. Please remember the above two, as long as the unremittingly practice more, you will become the little finger knead string and as nice as the other fingers.
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