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Practice to do this a few small requirements will be enough

by:XuQiu     2020-07-30
Good practice habits will greatly improve the efficiency of our lessons. If you can keep a lifetime. But habits isn't easy, a lot of people have started but lack of persistence. Behavioral psychology research shows that: more than 21 days repeat will form the habit. The classmates, if these small habit you haven't, why not take action & ndash; — Will see 1: before practicing the piano love, should be understood before practice, with a clean cloth to wipe clean, began to play again! 2: to practice every day for a moment the basic skills, can help you to ensure that play the technology progress. 3: be sure to sing. Before practice, picked up the score, the hand on the rhythm, sing loudly. 4: from slow to fast. Good grasp of the rhythm of the slow practice start, don't try so hard acceleration. 5: often do finger stretch action, don't too hard, simple stretching may make you more flexible fingers! 6: to pay attention to score each of emoticons, namely song bullet can be subtle nicely, can deepen our memory. 7: when playing the piano, next must prepare a pencil, write down where not skilled, practice; Where there is a problem, ask the teacher to solve in time. 8: will record their own practice and listen to the tape carefully, various flaws, you will find yourself early and timely correcting. Practice repeatedly section 9: segmented practice, and phrases to practice repeatedly, passages to practice repeatedly. 10: pay attention to your hand. No matter how fast running speed, the shape of the hand must be one of the important part, should be taken seriously. 11: learn to clever back spectrum, not memorizing. With the music melody, segmented practice, practice, follows naturally to back down. 12: every day the objective of good practice. Don't set too much, nor too little, should be suitable for their own performance level. 13: must learn to review. Etude, music, scales arpeggios, etc, often take out review consolidate, can be familiar with the melody, also won't make your playing technology.
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