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Review of Saxophone Brands

by:XuQiu     2020-06-05

Which saxophone brands can you choose from when buying a new instrument? This article reviews the most common brand names. The Big Four The 'big four' of saxophone manufacturers are Yamaha, Selmer, Yanagisawa and Keilwerth. Let's have a look at them. Yamaha - One of the most popular brands, they are used by many of the world's leading saxophone players. Yamaha produces a wide range of instruments, including soprano, baritone, alto and tenor saxophones. Selmer - The company's motto is 'anticipate the future and embrace the past'. This also shows in their design. Selmer's Series III are modern versions of classical instruments based on past heritage. Yanagisawa - Together with Vito, this is a brand name from the Leblanc firm. Keilwerth - This brand is considered to be one of the world's very best. Other Saxophone Brands Next to the 'big four', other brands exist that may also be the perfect choice for you. Let's review some interesting details about a number of them in no particular order. Martin - This firm produced a wide range of saxophones from 1919 to 1967 and it's one of the most wanted vintage brands for collectors. Anaxa - Not as well known as some of the others, it's still a well built instrument that's very suitable for beginning players. Prestini - Based in Italy, this company produces several musical instruments but they are perhaps best known for their saxophones. Nowadays it's a company of international fame. Buescher - Gus Buescher, who was the company founder, produced the first American saxophone in 1888. Alpine - Made from brass with post-to-rib construction, they are relatively cheap saxophones for students. Monique - A Taiwanese brand that's inexpensive and typically better than the really cheap Chinese and Indian brands. But you have to use your discretion the quality of this brand of saxophones varies quite a bit. Cecilio - One of the cheapest brands available on the market, they still offer excellent design and durability. As such they are one of the best price/quality bargains available. Armstrong - Used a lot by beginning band players, this brand is best known for its flutes, piccolos and clarinets. Conn - A well known brand for beginning players, that nevertheless has built quite an impressive line of instruments. Around for many years. King - One of the most collectible of the vintage brands. Many King saxophones have engravings on the instrument's body, and even the keys. Buffet - This brand has been around since 1866, which is just two decades after the invention of the saxophone by Alphonse Sax.
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