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Rock Guitar Lesson - In the Beginning

by:XuQiu     2020-05-20
Learning to play the electric guitar when you are a complete beginner takes a lot of determination and effort before you are ready for your first real rock guitar lesson. I remember when I began thirty years ago with one of my brothers guitars that you very quickly realize that you are not going to be able to wow your audience in a short time. The first thing you will need to do is learn how to tune the guitar to a reasonable tone otherwise you will sound terrible and you certainly wont be enjoying it which is very important when you first start out. Soon you will know that there is a very physical demand. If you play too much to begin with you could give yourself blisters on your fingers. The muscles in your forearms will ache a lot and in particular your left arm if you are a right handed player due to the fingering of the fretboard. This can be frustrating for the beginner who still wants to continue playing but this will pass with time and practice. You should keep your fingernails short so you can properly finger the frets and reduce the chance of breaking not inexpensive strings. Another huge discouragement as with almost all musical instruments is the not so harmonious noise that you will be making but again, in a week or so you should be able to make some kind of tune out of your guitar. The cost of setting up can be very expensive however these days if you have a PC there is no real need to purchase an amplifier till later on as you can plug into the input of your sound card with an adapter if needed. I would highly recommend using headphones so you don't upset your family or the neighbors too much. Unless you have money to burn, equipment selection is a very important step and the beginner often falls into the trap of saving all that hard earned cash to blow $1000 on the latest Gibson or Fender. You should realize that you are not a Jimi Hendrix or a Van Halen, not quite yet at least and you would be far better getting yourself a Fender Squire or an Epiphone guitar by Gibson as you will not know the difference for some time. Guitar string selection is also important, if you are new you should not buy the thinnest gauge like.08 and instead go for no lighter than.10. If you are not planning to play lead guitar then.10 is all you will ever need, in fact many professional lead guitarists only use this gauge.
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