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Seven is to not give parents learn Musical Instruments

by:XuQiu     2020-07-19
Whether your child learn guzheng, or other instruments, on the way of children learn Musical Instruments, many parents complain that children don't like practice, not obedient, and so on a series of problems. Recently, a man named & other Made a mother & throughout; Netizens to the identity of the teacher and we discussed about the topic of children learn instrument, and share her teaching experience, well worth using for reference. 1, children do not love is inevitable, is not an accident; 2, cultivating interest is the responsibility of adults, not the child's nature; 3, children need to practice, not accompany scold; 4, children look forward to is to encourage, not comparing ourselves; 5, accompanied by parents is in class, not ta; 6, the distinction is episode, is not an end; 7, hope children life to music as friend, not for the enemy.
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