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Some Facts You Should Know About the Bass Guitar

by:XuQiu     2020-05-03
It can be interesting to know that even if you have not played a bass guitar before you will be able to play it with just a few lessons and a little practice. Slapping and popping techniques can be learned as you go along practicing the musical instrument. Many famous and popular bands have this bass musical instrument in their line of equipment. The bass sound in music is often that one that holds the music together, and thus the importance of this bass musical instrument in every musical group. If you are just starting to learn playing this bass instrument you have to know some facts and know the different pars of this bass instrument and how it works. A bass guitar works just like an ordinary guitar and if you know how to play this musical instrument you will have an idea of how this bass instrument works. It is a stringed instrument just like a violin or guitar and the vibrations of the strings produces the sound. It has four strings, for the standard bass instrument, and each string is tuned to a different note. The uppermost string is thicker than the third upper one and the lowest string is the thinnest. The uppermost string gives the lowest tone and increases with the lowest string giving the highest bass tone. An electric bass guitar player should know that if he bends the strings when they fret the notes, string resonance will be affected and the guitar will go out of tune. He should know also that the thicker strings will sound thicker and better, so the better bass sounds come from the thicker strings. The bigger strings sounds better and also will stay in tune better. It is also important that once a string is touched it will resonate and give a sound, so the pick should be held in such a way that fingers will not touch a string not used. It is better that a string not used will be muted or small foam inserted under so that it will not sound if accidentally touched. A bass player should also know that an acoustic bass guitar played with one microphone and not sounding great will not sound better if another microphone is added. The quality of the bass instrument and also the strings are factors that influence the sound and tone. It is important for a bass player to experiment and test on what bass instrument will turn out the best.
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