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by:XuQiu     2020-07-15
That is his choice, may no longer interested, for many reasons, parents must have enough psychological preparation. 4, children learn the process and test of parents, the idea that a good teacher is fine ideas don't work, especially in the early. 5, to achieve a certain level, no matter what instruments must be under the bitter effort, and it is constantly, both children and parents to keep. 6, music environment is very important. Tell you my children from small haven't learned the piano, although I don't force him to learn what, He bought my house at the age of 3 keyboard and piano and accordion. , I am a preschool teacher) But I give he created a music environment, that is to listen to the world famous everyday, ( Born - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Before the age of 5) For sensitive, then music, originally I don't understand, after learning the orff music teaching method, I understand, why he can write their own songs music now, only the environment is the foundation of his learning music, give your child a environment, the most important, music is on our side. Six, a few differences: 1, the keyboard and piano: as musicians me engaged in the electronic organ, the piano is very normal instruments, need long time practice, as well as the guidance of the teacher, a result there are few and far between, however, there are several lang lang, li yundi. After ten years of practice is not a few people to give up, it is difficult to rely on the professional life, this is my most to see the things and people's perception of music and electronic organ can not only exercise, but also can be engaged in the industry to maintain life, piano by contrast is very difficult. First of all, the piano in the age of 5, 6, learning is the most best armour age, most can't more than eight years old, if age is too big it is hard to make achievements. While the keyboard is not too high to the requirement of the age, the achievement also soon, basically see individual hard work and talent. My suggestion is to learn electronic organ, and then try to piano, and this will make your own choices which instrument is more suitable for you. The difference between piano and electronic organ, they belong to the same as the keyboard playing the kind of Musical Instruments, in addition to this, the rest of the same few, piano to a single tone, complex music as the foundation, and keyboard in a variety of tone, a variety of accompaniment form. 。 Older choose keyboard more appropriate, guzheng and guqin: 2 is more suitable for a girl to play the guzheng, graceful posture, have temperament boy is suitable for playing guqin, elegant and easy, vigorous, is the so-called heart jian gallbladder:) Guqin in onomatopoeia does not equal to other instruments, such as water of guzheng, bamboo flute birdsong, but it just goes to show that the guqin spirit likeness, not heavy is similar to the characteristics of guqin actually simulated the effect of the poets sing, there are many in the music of violin in the form of piano song, such as guan shanyue, departure at the fron. Knead string of guqin is an important characteristic of it, a sound pop up after the sliding with the finger on the string, can change a lot to, really is winding. Plus rustling sound made by finger rub strings, like don't like the poet sing to estrogen and slightly hoarse voice? When someone feel not accustomed to, thought is the recording of the noise ( I also think so) Actually, guqin is the aesthetic temperament and interest. Visible guqin is called literati music is worthy of the name, have always been favored by the literati class, as they will and lyrical tool. Seven, conclusion: 1, the purpose of learning a musical instrument: the development of the brain, the cultivation of personality, temperament. What not be put into the home, also not what must he learned what level, music, only is he a secondary skill. 2, music enlightenment at the age of 3 to 6. For a wide variety of interesting sports games. Age 3, 2 to 3 and a half years old, is the best age to music enlightenment. During can not completely through the study of Musical Instruments, but merely in the loose environment, carry out various music game, let them feel the beat and melody of the music. In the children's poetry, dancing, and painting & other; Play & throughout; Permeation of listening to music, at the same time accompanied by music and waved her hand, stamp foot, dance to the beat. To all kinds of Musical Instruments of music, often put the he prefer, preparing for behind the selected instrument. Music environment is very important. Listen more world famous. # # p# page title e# 4, after three and a half years old, began to learn a musical instrument, understanding staff. 5, until at the age of four and a half, gradually increase the skills and knowledge of music theory. 6, to large, distinction can directly take part in all kinds of Musical Instruments. Is five years old began to learn Musical Instruments. 7, instrument aspects basic points of three layers: 1) The piano, the violin; 2) Guzheng, guqin, erhu; 3) The guitar, drums. There is wind, my son is a small, forget it. Tend to electronic organ, guzheng and erhu. The violin last consideration, string is too soft. 。 The most important depending on the result of his own choice. If learn electronic organ, somehow the examination site level. Among other things, drawing began after introducing 2 and a half years old. Tai chi and tap can be outside of him.
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