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Study and examination opinions about Musical Instruments

by:XuQiu     2020-08-10
The product comforms to the drawing I want to be in it for the great god, because there are so many great god are diving, I was afraid of accidentally ripped it broken here I talk about a bit of your own experience, for reference. When I was a child, was mixed with ethnic Musical Instruments, such as the erhu, also learned to not know what kind of instrument is the clarinet, gadgets such as mouth organ. Calligraphy, painting, and all kinds of training classes, in order to hope oneself can become parents eyes, once upon a time, so constantly fired & hellip; … Gossip is a little more, to talk the topic & ndash; — My personal opinion, I think with the teacher in class, want to see you with what kind of teacher, see your region's consumption level, the class fee I think the average family can afford. So, I want to talk about is that your hobby, I don't talk about, but if you want to as a professional, please consult with your parents, according to the condition of their family economic bear ability to decide, do you want to learn. Really, I don't speak words, in this respect your family economic bear ability is limited, I don't want you to learn, although I'm hoping to turn the flute universal & ndash; — Learning music, needless to say, this money is inevitable. If you think economic pressure to you, please don't really learn. Instrument, once you buy is necessary consumables, the possibility of no value, unless you made his name in the future, then hang up after someone do business has promised your instrument as a sale or anything else. So, learn music, instrumental music instrument cost is a big number. After buying instruments not buy just a matter of, you are to do maintenance on a regular basis, and most of them are basically not doing. Don't even know what maintenance needs to be done. The maintenance and the maintenance of instruments is a great learning, isn't you blow the brush a brush every day, flat twist twist is finished. That's why your instrument consumption will soon, didn't buy it as long as the oxidation or something. Of course, this also will divide the people, there are physical factors. Since when it comes to buy Musical Instruments, you have to mention a person, that is your teacher. I want to say is that there are ten thousand people, teachers are people too. Ethics, have high low, also have the & hellip; … Although I may also want to be a teacher after I have to admit this, lin2 zi3 da4, what bird all have. One is to buy Musical Instruments, general teacher will smoke, how much is not important, because I also don't tube & hellip; … The teacher usually have recommended, you can buy and teachers to do some homework before & hellip; … Thought of here I wept to tell them to follow the teacher in class. Your professional learning system, the teacher will have a different but will probably similar teaching system specific arrangement according to everyone's different. Learn a musical instrument, you have to learn basic music theory, as if to walk, this is two legs, you don't work spectrum plane look not to understand the 12 at the end of the next page
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