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Summer Activities For Children: The Joy Of Achievement

by:XuQiu     2020-04-14
In the summertime, children have about 3 months of vacation. They don't have to get up early five days a week. They don't have to do homework every day. And basically children are left with no challenges to better themselves during that time. And that's OK some say. Even kids need a break too, others would say. Actually, kids are more resilient than adults are and they can handle an organized daily regime even better than we adults can. With that said, I'd like to propose an idea for parents who are looking for non-school activities to keep their kids busy during the summer. Even more importantly, I'd like your child to achieve a goal this summer. Have your child learn a musical instrument. I started learning the guitar many years ago during the summer and I think it was the best time of the year to have done so. There are four big reasons why I think your child should get started in learning a musical instrument this summer: More Free Time Your child will have plenty of time to concentrate on an instrument in the summer. It only takes an hour a day to practice. And the beginning stages can be a little bit frustrating, so your child will have more energy to get past this phase while not being overwhelmed in any other school subjects. Learning Discipline Having your children practice their instrument one hour a day will teach them discipline. If you plan on taking a family vacation then, that would be the only time that children can skip practice time. However, family vacations or sports activities should not be excuses to avoid getting your child started in music this summer. Don't cheat your child out of learning the invaluable skill of discipline. Disciplined children work harder and achieve more than their lazy peers. Brain Development Three months without any academic learning is a big mistake for a child whose brain only has a short time to develop and build the intelligence needed to succeed in this world. Learning a musical instrument actually stimulates brain development in both the left and right hemispheres of the brain. In short, this means your child will be getting better grades in Math, Reading, and Science. The Joy Of Achievement Probably the most important benefit of learning a musical instrument is actually being able to play music! When children achieve a goal like learning to play music, their confidence goes up, they enjoy their new-found skill, they want to show their friends, and they look forward to achieving new goals. If your child achieves only one goal this summer, and it's learning how to play a musical instrument, then you as a parent will have achieved something as well, which is putting your child on the path of success and future prosperity.
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