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Talents, interests, assiduous practice, which is more important?

by:XuQiu     2020-07-20
Interest is the best partner children to learn piano. It can reduce child antipathy towards was forced to learn piano, will be passive to active the piano, the piano is more advantageous to constantly to practice. Some parents worry that kids did not have the gift of the piano, concerned about their children have no interest in practice, how to think about this question? In fact, most children mathematical instrument does not have become a professional musician talent, the parents is to let children learn an art intellectual potential, develop children to choose a musical instrument to learn. Talk about congenital conditions in this sense, the vast majority of children are accord with the requirement of the piano. Children can learn the foreign musical instrument, first condition is to let children love it, is interested in it. For example, when the children's TV series of TV hit children like or youth idol drama, children often listen to the movie theme song music, can complete on the practice of Musical Instruments to play tunes, are interested in this work. Sometimes even started with interest. Interest is the best partner children to learn piano, it can help ease the pain of children to learn piano, will be passive to active the piano, the piano is more advantageous to constantly to practice. Interest is to exploit cultivation, such as take children to take a look at all kinds of concerts, let the children to listen to, watch some more information about the music video, give children more opportunity to view and communicate each other, etc. If you can choose a good teacher, teaching according to the characteristics of children, to give more encouragement, the cultivation of the interest in children must help a lot. But interest can't replace the practice, and interest is not eternal. Learning any one foreign Musical Instruments, can't count on children completely rely on interest to support the whole learning process, want to will be good, absolutely inseparable from the hard work. As long as we choose for your child's learning time, learning a musical instrument, learning styles, communication methods, such as learning objectives properly, the child must be able to progress, and then polished, the child that is exquisite and rich spirit make them plain, innocent personality on alone but the art of color. Child is a piece of jade, you every elaborate carve, will be limitless possibilities for their future development. As a parent, when you see a child in learning every bit of small progress on the road to see children confidence when communicating with their peers, you gain the kind of happiness than children, even this happiness is what also can't change!
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