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Talk about how to cultivate children's interest in music

by:XuQiu     2020-07-21
Music education activities to cultivate children's spirit of cooperation, interpersonal skills, positive role beyond doubt. Art activities of communication between an important function is to develop people, make people get more of the heart and heart communication. Music inherent rhythm, rhythm, and the arrangement of parts in the ensemble, rhythm, dance choreography, music game, etc. , can make young children in a pleasant, & other Don't force & throughout; Form, form the good habit of self-discipline and self-motivation. It was also during these activities, children experience the collective creation of happy, learning the words of communication with others, the tacit understanding cooperation, learn to understand, accept and appreciate others. Children's interest in music, is an important factor to improve the teaching quality of music. So in teaching activities, should how to arouse children's interest in music? Flexible and diverse teaching children's innocent and lovely, active and lively, no good self-control, so using the quiet times, scene and vivid way to let children in move, listen, watch, bian, sing interesting practice experience: looking for music & ndash; — Feel the music & ndash; — Understand music & ndash; — Appreciate music & ndash; — The whole course of music performance. As to music activities on student in children & other; Walk & throughout; Nursery, available to read and blow out the symbol of the rabbit, deer, ducklings walk, let children master the basic techniques of syncopation rhythm soon. And as in & other; Make a phone call & throughout; This activity, can use role forms, to cause children learn sing sing singing method, grouping, for some children call when the doll, another part of the baby dolls when answering the phone, deserve to go up items & other Telephone & throughout; , children are easy to learn this kind of singing method in atmosphere of interest. Enhance children's ability to distinguish music in the music appreciation, the choice of teaching material is directly related to children's interest in music appreciation. Selection should pay attention to the acceptability of children, can be accepted. Different music to children's different feelings. Such as in music activities, I let the children enjoy the song 'the swallow', children all say good, is the birds to fly, and immediately made the action of the birds to fly, and graceful, when the baby boys jumping, some girls would say: & other; Can't do that, you are more beautiful the swallow to fly, to gently & throughout; ; When I into the passionate music, children each twist twist waist, jump actions of joy, but also in talking and laughing loudly, and venting, and even at ordinary times less words ZhangJing yao, liu chao) of children in the middle of the room, also jump up & hellip; … 。 When children hear music of 'communist the children's corps', immediately made the action of the PLA, a military-like salute, very proud. From time to time in their mouth say: & other; I am a PLA & throughout; 。 Although they couldn't say a turn to tell her, but in their actions, expressions completely can feel their understanding of the nature of the music and performance. And, of course, the music selection is very important, to attract young children. I once let the children listen to a piano, children are not interested in, so you want to do their own things, turned a deaf ear to music. Shows, the selection of music need to close to the children's life, can let the child have first-hand experience, can they desire for music performance. 12 the next page at the end of the page
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