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Talk about the influence of various instruments for boys temperament

by:XuQiu     2020-07-21
Various instruments on character and quality ( Opinions vary) : point 1: someone said: to learn the piano boy is sven, learn the violin boy is melancholy, learning the cello boy more sedate, learning the guitar boy is romantic, senior boys more refined, more scholar learn small boys. Idea 2: the boy with the drum can give a person a kind of cool feeling. 。 。 。 。 。 。 The guitar too. 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 Boy playing the piano and the violin is very quiet and tastefully laid out and feeling to the person. 。 。 。 。 。 。 Point 3: boy, a little masculine is better, guitar, piano, drums can be, but the main or personal interests, like classical culture are my hobbies, so I studied guzheng and erhu, although boys seldom learn guzheng, but I really love koto! ! ! ! ! Give the child a free space, and give him some advice, and make his own decision point 4: I'm in favor of learning drums or the guitar, first, because the two popular, next, because both it is good for boys to grow, learn drums to cultivate music, development of boys left brain, learning the guitar can reflect a man ( To say that boys are more precise) Character, a sense of accomplishment, learning things will change fast point 5: if the finger condition is better to consider the piano and accordion ~ elegant piano is the king of Musical Instruments ~ it ~ the piano brilliantly boys grow up prince temperament ~ believe that parents are very happy to see that. 。 。 Accordion is a happy the king of Musical Instruments - without being limited by the location - very leisure. 。 。 Point 6: if it's a boy, it is suggested that are the violin, piano, strengthen self-cultivation. If is a girl, suggestion is to learn the violin, have temperament. Point 7: children learn what instrument? Girls learn erhu, guzheng is good; Boys to learn the violin well, main is to cultivate children art cells, let he/she settled down to, improving sentiment. Especially boys, at ordinary times is very naughty, but a pull up piano to completely different. Girls play the ancient Musical Instruments more temperament. What is a good instrument view 8: children learn? Since learned electronic organ, and turned my piano bar, which is good, the child can also lies in the parents, but the piano is indeed a very boring thing to learn, you should have mental preparation, but since the plan to learn, no matter how to insist on, the child is also a force of exercise, also can be a very good development view brain 9: how to choose instrument course? For 7 years old children take a Musical Instruments class, choose that kind of instrument which according to what? Children don't understand music. Learn a variety of market and development of the instrument to be? Such a small child, he didn't know what is your interest. Parents can consider more for him. Basic ideas: 1, choose one among to him, rise, high school to college in the early help instrument. Such as the flute, bamboo flute, oboe, trumpet, horn, etc. , these are all high school, university orchestra will match the instrument. 2, choose relatively fewer instruments ( Basically see your local situation) 。 Such as percussion, bassoons, etc. More than 3, Musical Instruments in the entrance, can play a key role, such as children can take an examination of special immortal. Too many special preferential policies, the chance of key middle school is much bigger than others, college professional can pick etc. These instruments are good for children brain exercise. Point 10: reading an article, discuss about instruments and personality, feeling a bit: from the point of timbre, relieve lingering violin, piano ringing loud, also can produce subtle effect to the child's character. Piano affect a child just, can affect on the violin. But I believe that this effect is slow and weak for a long time. And most musicians are all-pass piano violin. Children be fond of, can appropriate reference character.
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