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The basic idea to learn Musical Instruments:

by:XuQiu     2020-07-15
1, choose one among to him, rise, high school to college in the early help instrument. Such as the flute, bamboo flute, oboe, trumpet, horn, etc. , these are all high school, university orchestra will match the instrument. 2, choose relatively fewer instruments ( Basically see your local situation) 。 Such as percussion, bassoons, etc. More than 3, Musical Instruments in the entrance, can play a key role, such as children can take an examination of special immortal. Too many special preferential policies, the chance of key middle school is much bigger than others, college professional can pick etc. These instruments are good for children brain exercise. Point 10: reading an article, discuss about instruments and personality, feeling a bit: from the point of timbre, relieve lingering violin, piano ringing loud, also can produce subtle effect to the child's character. Piano affect a child just, can affect on the violin. But I believe that this effect is slow and weak for a long time. And most musicians are all-pass piano violin. Children be fond of, can appropriate reference character. Three, learn a period of 1, children aged 4 to 12 ~ this is the best hearing age contact with some music learning is the best. If you compare the small ~ can often put some classical violin from now on to him ~ s temperament development have very important significance for the development of children. # # p# page title e# 2, 3, 4 years old boy learn what instrument? Keyboard is one of the best musical instrument, because it needs to play with the hand, don't need too much strength, fingers gently put it will send a beautiful sound, generally children are interested in it, it is better to wait until the age of five learning, when at the age of 3, 4, to learn is too early, don't allow my children to become, also should pay attention to their children's hobbies. Before the age of 3, 7 is the age of learning music, are 5 years old, go to learn music, don't learn, fall to others. It is the art of time early ah. In general is suitable for children over the age of 4, 5, Musical Instruments, because at that time to accept ability is strong, if age is too small, bad instead of 4, there are more than a month for three years old son, now what kind of instrument is suitable for learning? Don't learn anything, give him listen to all types of various styles of music, and led him, when he has to choose its own ability to let his own to choose suitable for their favorite style of music instruments. 5 - You can start to word by the age of 7. Before the age of five, three best don't learn to play the piano. Every holiday, some piano class, dance class and other kinds of art is always bustling, some studies busy parents in order not to let the children lose at the starting line, under age would want their children to learn piano in the park, there are only less than 2 years old children even have experienced the piano. But, what age children on how to learn what kind of instrument, the parents still very lost. We distribute the piano master xiang-dong kong proposed, may give you some inspiration in confusion. Within 3 years old children had better not too early to learn the piano musical instrument, etc. Actually parents do not need to worried, children at the age of two and a half to about 3 and a half years old, is the best age to accept music enlightenment education. If too utilitarian teaching instrument skills, it may do more harm than good. “ Within 3 years old children, had better don't touch first instrument, in fact, as I myself wait to five and a half years old started learning the piano. ” The world famous pianist eager parents: Mr Xiang-dong kong special remind those who long to & other; When playing the piano, the child to see, ear to listen to, foot pedals, using the brain and hand, is of great help to develop children's early coordination. Scientific research has found that coordination good children to recite the text in the future, have a fast, memorizing English words memory ability obviously superior to other children. But I do not advocate within 3 years old children exposed to early piano! ” According to a survey of Tchaikovsky piano competition, 60% ~ 70% % % piano competition winners of the first lessons in 6 ~ 8 years old, only one and one of the youngest in the three and a half years old, a few of them in about 10 years. Gurus think, therefore, at the age of 3 to 6 to music enlightenment of children, is the best time. Can through all sorts of interesting game of sports activities, such as: the chicken singing, building houses, etc. , let the staff and other basic music knowledge bit by bit to infiltrate the child's daily game activities. Children at the age of two and a half to three and a half years old, is the best age to music enlightenment. During can not completely through the study of Musical Instruments, but merely in the loose environment, carry out various music game, let them feel the beat and melody of the music. In the children's poetry, dancing, and painting & other; Play & throughout; Permeation of listening to music, at the same time accompanied by music and waved her hand, stamp foot, dance to the beat. Wait, and wait for 3 and a half years old children to learn Musical Instruments, understanding staff; Until at the age of four and a half gradually increase the musical skills and knowledge of music theory; In large, distinction can directly take part in all kinds of Musical Instruments. Fourth, the cost of investment, easy stick to compare 1, normally, the string is more difficult than keyboard instrument, wind instrument, such as the flute ( Not all) To be easy. Folk have a sentence: & other; One flute of sheng two years, three years of two random hem & throughout; 。 But not absolute, the so-called is easy to entry. 2, the piano costs a lot to maintain very troublesome ~ the piano is also very complicated ~ but require good surrounding environment: such as good shop ~ adjustable luthiers, etc. 。 Accordion relatively cheaper ~ but this type of investment is very necessary to rear the child. If finger is not very long ~ ~ if the child can consider violin is strong ~ can consider tube instrument ~ more aerobic ~ is too thin not ~ body strong advantage. Learn a musical instrument is an easy beginning thing ~ is rich and impulse. 。 But it is difficult to stick. Requirements under the children and their parents a lot of hard work: money, time, and the other. A lot of children have failed to stick blubber ~ the result or abandoned. So parents before you choose the best for the child to gain ideas and interests of the child.
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