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The Benefits of Musical Instruments for Babies

by:XuQiu     2020-05-01
Whilst I don't regret picking up an instrument to learn at all, the one thing I do regret is not starting sooner! Teaching myself to play guitar and bass has been one of the more worthwhile choices I've made in life; and not only experiencing these benefits, but knowing just how beneficial they are the younger you begin urges me to influence my child's upbringing with the joys of music. Every parent's aim should be striving to provide all the tools their child needs to achieve success in life, and I could not stress further how big an impact introducing them to music makes on their life. Children should be actively encouraged to make and listen to music as young as possible, by simply accompanying some of their favourite songs with cost-effective home-made instruments made from household products. Then, as they get older and their skills develop, it'll soon be time to pass them their first starter guitar, or set of drumsticks. Below we look at some of the benefits of introducing music and musical instruments for babies and young children, and the input they can have on your child's development. Such skills not only benefit them at the time, but are able to be carried through to adulthood. Co-ordination Learning to play an instrument gives a vast improvement to hand-eye coordination, and the opportunity to learn develops their motor skills as they go. Babies are also quick to understand, with something as simple as a rattle, how the action of shaking the rattle causes the reaction of the sound being made, which is all part of their development process. Concentration Focusing on a single activity, in this case learning to play a certain chord shape on guitar, or a simple drum beat, requires dedicated periods of concentration. By being able to develop their concentration skills through something fun and enjoyable such as the aforementioned tasks, they can put these skills to use in other school subjects too. Patience Going somewhat hand in hand with concentration, sufficiently learning those chord shapes and drum beats requires patience and perseverance. Being able to work on these skills at an earlier age, again on a less arduous task such as with an instrument, will benefit them further along in life, where they will no doubt face further challenges. Self-Confidence A child's self-confidence, pride and the belief that they are doing well can be actively stimulated by encouragement from both their teacher/tutor, and their parents. It is also said those children working with creativity and self-confidence, even for instance showing their friends how they are progressing with their tutoring, go on to become better communicators. Relaxation It has been acknowledged by researchers that particular genres of music lower heart rates and blood pressure, helping with relaxation; which is leading to music being used as a form of therapy over more traditional medicines. Studies show infants respond best to classical pieces, so bringing your baby up with masterpieces from the likes of Beethoven and Tchaikovsky will help their brains develop. Once your child is old enough, it'll soon be time to move them onto the real deal. Handing them their first guitar or drum set can be the first stepping stone in a strengthening bond between you both, if you can already play the instrument yourself. Hours can be spent teaching and playing along together, helping both you and your child's skills to progress. However, it's no use forking out for the most expensive Gibson or Fender when they can't play a note yet, so it's certainly worthwhile taking the time to compare musical instruments and their prices, to get the most for your money, with a starter pack, for example.
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