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The Complete Power of the Electric Guitar

by:XuQiu     2020-05-23
The electric guitar is by far the most popular type of guitar for today's teens. They use a powered amplifier to be heard and can be quite loud. Archtops are guitars that have hollow bodies and let some of the resonance of acoustic guitars shine through for an electric guitar. There are also electric bass guitars. These come with four strings, are bigger than a standard electric guitar and play much lower notes. Electric guitars are only played through amplifiers. They should completely different from acoustic guitars and are sometimes used for many different musical effects. They are very popular for rock music, where you can use such effects as distortion. Also, you can use the electric guitar for speed metal and death metal quite effectively. Since electric guitars are powered through an amplifier, they are not restricted to the regular guitar shape that acoustic guitars have and can be made in just about any shape imaginable. The Fender Stratocaster and the Gibson Les Paul are two of the best and most popular guitars on the market. They are classics and will always be in high demand. Guitar strings for these guitars are thinner than for a regular acoustic guitar. They do not need as much resonation, so the size doesn't matter as much. The strings are also very close to the neck of the guitar and it is not has hard to press down on them as it is on a regular acoustic. These beauties will be a part of our musical scene for years to come.
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