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The lessons start age?

by:XuQiu     2020-07-17
Music not only can develop children's intelligence, but also can cultivate elegant taste, as parents cultivate children art accomplishment consciousness unceasing enhancement, the piano children age problems also become increasingly prominent. The best place to start learning to play the piano at the age of a few? This becomes an important problem in the parents. Different parents have different opinions, some think learn early, because the musical instrument to learn speak boy; Some think that don't learn too early, older understanding, progress quickly. Today, we will together with small string, to further discuss about whether from a few years old began to learn piano, best this thorny problem. 01 benefits of primary school age children as early as the benefits of the piano is very obvious. Like a child from 4 years old began to learn piano, three years later, even if progress is slow basically can reach a certain level. The children started learning piano than six or seven years old was a big step in advance. More importantly, the Chinese are very exquisite & other; Boy & throughout; , the so-called boy, it is to point to preschoolers finger muscle has not been fully developed, hand joints and key membrane is soft, the physiological plasticity, to learn piano technology provides development space. If seize the opportunity, for children for effective training, the child's hand, the tension between the fingers, finger joint elasticity and flexibility will be gradually. In addition, the preschool period is also one of the best period for fixed pitch training, training age, the more difficult. So children learn violin is beneficial to open their palm joints, through strict training in soft fingers resilient and can improve their fingers function, so as to lay a solid foundation of basic skills. Young children through the practice, improve the ability of the eye, and brain, with the hand, this is very useful for young children's early cultivation. According to statistics, the world famous musicians and master, basically are in 3 & ndash; — This age 6 years old began to learn piano. The advantage of 02 older older children ( After 6 years of age) The advantage of the piano firstly embodies in intelligence, slow development of children's intelligence before the age of 5, until the age of 6 began to have a clear upward trend; Second, the concentration of time longer than within 5 years old children also; Third, after 6 years of age children only has the ability to analyze memory; Fourth, the opponents action on the accuracy of the control will be more stronger. And practicing the piano is a & other; Vivid dynamic system & throughout; , has required the audio focus, finger premise of sensitive activities actively, independently hands different actions and its coordination with the whole body body. Makes the brain's left hemisphere to reap the same development skills and increase their ability to coordinate with each other after school children, the ability to understand, accept ability, imagination and creative thinking ability, etc. , will have certain to improve, progress on the piano were significantly higher than that of young children. 03 interest is the best teacher, in fact, every child in the different development characteristics. Parents should also have such a thought preparation: every child should have the chance to learn music, but not every child can become a musician. Interest is the most precious resources, any time for any thing, don't forget that a child's interest is not totally natural, it is indispensable to guidance, cultivation, protection and play the day after tomorrow. Parents don't let children learn piano especially invested a lot of money and energy, will think they have the right to get rich quick, press. Doing so will only backfire. , a more efficient way is to make himself to accept the edification of art, concert together with the child, let the children feel the atmosphere of music as it were, accumulation of perceptual knowledge of music, to deepen the understanding of music, from the heart to accept music, and gradually developed to resonate with the music, feel music brings us happiness with your heart.
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