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The problems in children learn piano

by:XuQiu     2020-08-11
Some children will often appear when playing the piano the following questions, if not promptly to correct these mistakes in basic phase, can affect children in the future study. Problem means ten percent play. it first finger joint failures, we call it refers to. Some children playing the piano, sometimes is the first joint of the collapse of finger, some children are the index finger, some children's middle finger, also some children five fingers have discount refers to the phenomenon. The reasons for this phenomenon is a child age small, soft fingers; Second, understanding ability is limited, can not grasp the correct way to play at the moment. Folding refers to the disadvantages is that the finger is concave shape, the power of the arm cannot smoothly reach the tip of the finger, cause local tension and stiffness of fingers, wrist, arm, finger play can't flexibly, which directly affect the speed and strength of playing the piano, affect pronunciation and tone. Countermeasures for low strengthen staccato practice under the condition of relaxation, namely USES the wrist playing every sound relaxed, like falling action, let children feel the weight of the wrist is how to naturally from arms to your fingers. Then the first finger joint firmly on the keys & other; Stop & throughout; And improve the ability to support his joints of fingers, the first and second arm weight. Doing this exercise, parents with children practice. In practice, the parents and children, each finger joints to bulge, not sag, such as tell children & other; Hand shape should maintain ball, fingertips grabbing something to have to feel & throughout; And gradually enhance the ability of knuckles under weight. ● “ Tip of the finger stand & throughout; 。 Want to let the children stood fingertips on the keys, before playing, parents to remind children concentrate, first think good & other; Standing status & throughout; , that is to the mind, that then slowly practice seriously, perseverance, will receive good effect. Problem forefinger rigidity to some beginner piano children often ignore the correct way of playing the thumb, combined with the psychological stress caused by the thumb to clamp tightly, not highlight the first and second joint yo-yo freely, but by pressing wrist to play. And the children of the thumb has been rigidly by yo-yo. If parents see their children have this kind of problem, must stop children don't play again, otherwise can only increase the child's problem, once the habit, change is very difficult in the future. Causes of rigidity, clip thumb is hand & other Escaping & throughout; In tightening nervously, left thumb stiff & other; Lying & throughout; On the keys, forming the thumb joint or the thumb of the lateral rigidity, heavy down & other; Pressure & throughout; Play the error method. This play is bound to create tension in the thumb and wrist, appear uneven stress phenomenon. Outside at the same time become warped thumb tip often involuntarily touching the adjacent keys, pronunciation is not clean. Rigidity, clip thumb will cause the whole of the opening of the palm is not enough, so difficult to play the interval distance, large span and chord.

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