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The Suitable Guitar for Beginners

The Suitable Guitar for Beginners


Learning the guitar is the best choice of instrument for beginners and with good reason! It is available in a variety of sizes and styles to suit the player and the basic technique of playing the beginner electric guitar can be easy for beginners to pick up. If you are looking to play the guitar we have a few tips to help you get started.

Tips for Buying a Guitar:  


When choosing a guitar it is important to get the correct size for the player. Having the correct size guitar will ensure that the player is comfortable whilst playing and develops the correct posture and technique. To find your size check out our Guitar Size Guide.


Price is an important factor for most when choosing an instrument. However, there will be range of options available to you across every price range that suit your needs and budget. It is worth bearing in mind when choosing a guitar that younger players are likely to upgrade their instrument as they grow and all players will probably want to upgrade their instrument as their playing develops. 


Depending on the level you are as a player will influence the guitar you will get. As a beginner player you are best to get a guitar that has been specifically designed for beginners and then upgrade your instrument as your playing develops.

Tips for Once you Have a Guitar: 

Practise Makes Perfect 

One of the great things with the guitar is even a beginner can pick up the the basic technique and produce a good sound quite quickly. However, like all wholesale musical instruments, it takes a lot of patience and practise to truly master the guitar. As you improve the techniques learned to play the guitar can also be transferred to other guitar style instruments such as the ukulele and the bass. There is so much great music that you can play with the guitar so persistence will pay off.

If you are struggling to stay focused on your guitar practise have a read of our 6 Ways to Avoid Procrastinating When You Should be Practising.

Join the Community

There is a whole community of guitarists that you can be a part of. Once you start playing look into joining bands, music groups, online forums, and social media discussions. You will pick up some great playing tips and may even make some new friends!

Make Use of Everything Available

There are a lot of helpful free guides, videos, blogs, forums, apps etc available out there to help aid learning and practising the guitar, make sure to make use of them!  

Take care your musical instrument

Your instrument will sound better if it is properly cared for, be sure to look after it.

Recommended Guitars

Whatever style of guitar you choose to play we will have a great beginner instrument to suit the player. Take a look at some of the beginner guitars we have available:

Electric Guitar SNTL010 for kids

The Electric Guitar for kids offers an authentic Spanish guitar for beginners and young students. The Electric Guitar SNTL010 is a fantastic guitar for beginner players as it features a full size neck and fingerboard attached to a 7/8 size body. This allows the player to develop a good technique that will transfer to a larger guitar.

The Electric Guitar for women SNEG003 in size 3/4 offers a smaller version of the worlds best selling electro acoustic guitar. This guitar comes supplied with a padded gig bag, a hex wrench, and is strung ready to play with six strings.

The Electric Guitar SNEG003 offers a stratocaster style guitar supplied with everything a player would need to get started with the electric guitar. It comes with a small amplifier, strap, lead, tuner, gig bag, and three plectrums.  

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