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The summer vacation practice which type are you?

by:XuQiu     2020-08-21
Before the arrival of summer, you must be think like this, and very confident! But you start a vacation & hellip; … The following 10 types of practice, which type are you? ( Also applies to write my homework! ) Other people's children, consciously practice, careful and meticulous, love study, good thinking brain pansi hole type has nothing to do with ideas, hand play mess hemp & hellip; … Broad-minded, the discovery of the error type swallowed will not bad hypomanic harps three seconds, a word not a cow will play fine type must be awarded a best actor trouble type one would want to drink water'll pee and hungry before pulling type for a second to say to want to practice new piece, a second bounce familiar tune again after a mobile phone is life hands on row, an hour has passed & hellip; … Type version before the harp on the keys for a buffet party type of meditation sitting on a stool, eye closure, instant notes emerge in your mind, began to practice, with the mind control fingers, and can switch the environment around, such as a studio, stage, concerts, etc. As the science of uniting the degree of deepening, head will appear to move, when your head & other; MAO & throughout; A hit on the keys, congratulations, you have nothing! Mr Ray & bull; ORR once said, when he answered his students & other; If you use your fingers to practice, practice always not enough, if you use your brain to practice, two hours is enough. ” So on the 10 kinds of state, everyone laugh heartily, at the time of practice is to bring up and brain yo ~ ~ ~
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