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The ultimate goal of not the distinction as a music education

by:XuQiu     2020-08-15
The ultimate goal of the distinction as a music education will face misunderstanding & ndash; — The ultimate goal of not the distinction as a music education ( 1) Learning music is for the sake of distinction, employs certificate for entrance, this seems to have become the current youth music education & other; Hidden rules & throughout; 。 And have recently proposed to music education and distinction, eq education, such as combination of ideas, the expert inside course of study also points out that employs set itself is not wrong, wrong in the distinction as the ultimate goal of learning music. Should also music education to true colors, that is, through distinction for the next target effort unceasingly, cultivate children's self-confidence in learning music, perseverance and emotional intelligence quality and beautiful soul. The distinction as a music misunderstanding about the ultimate goal of education will run into many current education institutions, both parents and children think distinction as the phenomenon of music learning ultimate goal, the famous children's education experts Chen Zhenghong professor pointed out that the purpose of the distinction is not so purposeful, only part of the parent value too much this the only result, impose requirements on children. And shortly before the yao jiaxin case will give alarm bells music educators, supposedly yao's piano technology is already a professional level, but why is he on the emotional control is not as good as a few years old children? Even admitted to music colleges and universities, such personality distorted problem little musician is worth the teachers and parents to reflect on? It should be said that the distinction is just the way the piano practice, it is not a measure of education and all of them. Parents should slow down the pace of let children distinction, let a child learning way more grasp the good quality of persistence, perseverance, so more conducive to the development of the child's life. The jess the ShaoErQing intellectual education institutions research headquarters hyo an also said, deputy director of the music group employs itself is not the problem, distinction has the advantage of the distinction, it can let the child have a learning gradient, for the next target effort. Ever seen such a case, a child after 9 take an examination of the piano level shouted: I don't need to play the piano at last! Children nearly 10 years of piano motives initially exactly is who gives? In order not to play the piano and play the piano and what is the point? Wish parents and teachers to learn skills in the road less utilitarian thoughts, really let beautiful music to purify the child's mind. Director of the institute of the Chinese young pioneers work Liao Xiangbing, youth education experts also urge our parents, music education can't request overnight, any kind of art form requires the accumulation of time. Before haven't had time to see results, don't think kids can just plain and gave up hope. Study also can not blindly follow suit, must be combined with their child's personality, interests and hobbies, choose a real teaching institutions responsible for children and teachers, and constantly go on with your child.
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