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Tips for Buying a Flute for Beginners

Tips for Buying a Flute for Beginners


Want be an amazing flautist? To help you get started with the flute we have put together a few tips to choose the right flute instrument

Tips for Buying a Flute


Musical instruments can be quite expensive and understandably price will pay an important factor when choosing an instrument. Beginner instruments are usually much cheaper than those made for more advance players. Which is great for your initial instrument but is worth bearing in mind as your playing progresses and you need to upgrade your instrument. 

At Xuqiu,there are many types of flutes to choose, so you can get the right the flute you want. 


There are a few different types of flute to choose from including the concert flute, the alto flute, the bass flute, plastic flutes for the very young and curved head flutes for those with a shorter reach. The most popular choice of flute for beginner is the concert flute. It can come with both curved or straight head-joints depending on the players needs and size. Plastic flutes are also a popular choice for very young players. 


When choosing a flute it is important to pay close attention to the level of the intended player. As a beginner flautist you are best suited to a flute that has been made specifically for your capabilities and then upgrade your instrument as your playing develops.

Tips for Once You Have a Flute 

Practise, Practise, Practise 

The flute is a popular instrument for beginners and with good reason. This small and compact instrument is easy for beginners to learn and are popular for us in orchestras and bands giving players a lot of opportunity as they progress. However, like all instruments to truly master the flute you have to put in the hours and practise! 

To keep you on track with your music practise read our 6 Ways to Avoid Procrastinating When You Should be Practising post.

Make Use of Everything Available 

There is a huge range of guides, videos, blogs, online teachers, forums, apps etc available to aid learning to play the flute; be sure to make use of them! 

Join the Community 

There is a whole community of flautists and like minded musicians that you can be a part of. Look into joining bands, music groups, online forums and social media discussions. You will undoubtedly pick up some great tips and may even make some new musical friends. To start why not follow and chat to us on Twitter! 

Look After Your Instrument 

Your flute musical instrument will work better in the long run if it is properly cared for, so be sure to look after it. 

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