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What are the benefits of music childhood studying? Childhood learning music brain lifelong benefit

by:XuQiu     2020-08-14
Scientists found that when children learn to play the piano every day for several hours, the future will benefit in many ways. Instrument playing skills in addition to, and will in the next few decades, the brain protection, delay the aging of the brain. According to neuropsychological ( 神经心理学) Published in the latest research shows that even as an adult can't keep practicing Musical Instruments, in old age is of great benefit to keep your brain thinking clearly still. Researchers to intelligence test found that retired worker in youth studied flute, clarinet, or other instruments of test results, is better than not learn a musical instrument. The lead researcher of this study, the university of Kansas medical center Hannah para Dr ( Brenda Hanna- Pladdy) Said the long-term learning instruments for the brain cognitive activities challenging training effect, make the brain more healthy, more adaptive, can alleviate the aging crisis. Because learning instruments requires years of practice, may form some new way of information connection in the brain, to compensate for the increased because of the age and the loss of some of the cognitive function. The survey by the American psychological association ( 美国心理学协会) Study, raised 70 age from 60 to 83 years the health of the old man, and according to the experience of playing an instrument is divided into three groups: the first group is not someone with training in music, the second group has 1 to 9 years of music learning experience, the third group is the music training at least 10 years experience. Education and health level of the participants have similar and show no signs of alzheimer's disease. Second, the three groups belong to the amateur level, from about 10 years old start to practice. Among them, more than half of the people to play the piano, about a quarter of people woodwind instruments such as flutes or clarinet, there are a few people to play an instrument, hit Musical Instruments or brass instruments. , according to the results of people learn a musical instrument in a number of cognitive tests than those who never learn a musical instrument, or can't read music score good results. And of the instrument level is high, the learning time, the higher the cognitive test scores. In the visual spatial memory, object recognition and adapt to the new information, are better than learn a musical instrument. Instrument time of learning and the present correlation scores. Half in the second and third group, continue to practice, but their performance on cognitive tests, was not better than stopped practitioners. The length of study time, therefore, is more important than whether old age constant practice. Results mean that music activities on the brain is a long time, the influence of cognitive function will benefit all my life. Para says, although there are many similar studies before, but have focused on learning music is good for children's intelligence development. This is the first to learn the benefits of music can last a lifetime study. Para said, began to learn music age and duration of study is the key. The brain has a best learning period of plasticity, learning instruments is easier in childhood.
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