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What Artists Use a Left Handed Acoustic Electric Bass?

by:XuQiu     2020-05-26
Not everyone knows this fact that there are many famous left hand artists. If you want to know what artist uses a left handed acoustic electric bass, then just read on. These guitarists have been versatile players, and they have been capable of using both left and right handed basses. • Jimi Hendrix - At one point of time Jimi Hendrix was placed on the top charts and was considered as 100 great guitarists of all times in a rolling stone magazine. Pete Townshend who was placed at the number 50 said that Jimi deserved the honor, and he was the only one who made the electric guitar sound so beautiful. Undoubtedly, Hendrix was the most creative, innovative and determined guitarists of that era and has made his name in the history of music. Hendrix had lots of expertise in music that he played the normal Fender Stratocaster bass upside down and made it left hand. He was indeed a pioneer of the electric guitar and was truly the best. • Paul McCartney - McCartney became famous as a pianist, bassist, guitarist, songwriter and singer for Beatles band. Initially, it is said that he was also invited to even join the John Lennon's band as a guitarist. This left hander McCartney was named as influential and the most creative bassist of his period. He elevated electric bass from the back row shadows to prominence and inspired many players to take the interest in this instrument. • Glenn Frey - An American musician, songwriter, singer, actor and is best known as the founder of the rock and roll band 'The Eagles'. Though he was a left handlers, he played a regular guitar. • Tony Lommi - He was born in 1948 and picked up guitar after he was inspired by Hank Marvin and Shadows when he was a teenager. In 1967, this left hand player played many blue-based rock bands, made his own group named earth. As another band was already having this name, they later changed it to Black Sabbath. Due to the horrible accident, his career was prematurely derailed as his finger sliced off in sheet metal factory machine. He didn't lose hope and gave the six string bass another goes by using softer plastic tips attached at the end of fingers. Here are some of the left handed guitars recommended for the professional artists - Ibanez ART100 Electric-this is a classic piece with artist design, and it is a good alternative to the famous hum bucker. The ART and ARX offer striking finishes with modern variations and active pickups. Daisy's rock wildwood Acoustic Electric Artist guitar - This lefty is designed especially for female pros and has a lot of power and elegance and best sound. Others in line are Alvarez AD410CL Acoustic-Electric Artist Guitar and Michael Kelly's Dragonfly 4 Fret less Acoustic-Electric Bass (Left-Handed).
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