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What is a good instrument analysis boys

by:XuQiu     2020-08-11
Musical instrument to learn net news: if you want to use an instrument to show the characteristics of boys can be difficult, in my opinion, the piano boy of sven, violin boy melancholy, cello boy is sedate, guitar boy's romantic, trombone boys and free from vulgarity, small boys scholar, together, may be to show the temperament of the boys. Boys learn what instrument? Is a classical or modern fashion culture of erhu 1, 3, 4 year old boy keyboard is the best instrument. Keyboard need to play with the hand, don't need too much strength, fingers gently put it will send a beautiful sound, general children are interested in it. Children over the age of 2, 4, and 5 are suitable for Musical Instruments, because at that time to accept ability is strong, if age is too small, it is not good. And hearing the best 4 to 12, intentional music parents cultivate children, during this period, often put some classical violin to him, can be very effective. Before the age of 3, 3 is the best age to music enlightenment education. Had better not too early to learn the piano musical instrument, etc. Is too utilitarian teaching instrument skills, often backfire. World famous pianist eager parents, Mr Xiang-dong kong special remind those who long to play the piano, when children see, ears to listen to, the foot pedal, using the brain and hand, is very helpful to cultivate children's early coordination. Coordination good children to recite the text in the future, have a fast, memorizing English words memory ability obviously superior to other children. 4, best beginners aged 6 ~ 8, early too late is bad. Childhood appropriate guidance, boys can through all sorts of interesting game of sports activities, such as: the chicken singing, building houses, etc. , let the staff and other basic music knowledge bit by bit to infiltrate the child's daily game activities. Grow up gradually, the rhythm, skills, taught by some knowledge can be appropriately increased. Wait until 6 years old can be directly for the exam. Swim in the music world, where boys can also enjoy that a wonderful feeling. According to the scientific method, to the road of children's music, Musical Instruments, choose suitable for children personality make music become a fun, let music bring hope to the child. Drums, choice, let parents can't make up my mind to
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